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How to Get Organized

Use Together for Best Results

Step 1: Declutter


Discover More Freedom By Letting Go Of Your Clutter & Simplifying Your Home

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shows you how to:
Let Go of Clutter

  1. Address Root Cause(s) for Accumulating Possessions
  2. Decide Where to Begin Decluttering
  3. Make Decisions & Permanently Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Use, Need, or Love
  4. Identify Options for Responsibly Getting Rid of Your Clutter
  5. Immediately Get the Clutter Out of Your House
  6. Shift Your Mindset & Consumption Habits

If you need to declutter AND get organized,
start with SimpLESSity

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Step 2: Organize the Rest


Setup Effective Organizing Systems So You Can Focus On What’s Most Important

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The Power Productivity Program
shows you how to:
Setup Systems
& Stay Organized

  1. Address Root Cause(s) of Disorganization
  2. Determine Your Organizing Style
  3. Establish Effective Time Management Habits
  4. Decide Where to Begin & Setup Effective Organizing Systems According to Your Style
  5. Setup & Perform Consistent Organizing Routines to Stay Organized
  6. Perform Ongoing Maintenance & Tweak Systems As Needed

If you already decluttered,
start with the PPP

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Make Life
Easier      Simpler      More Effective

Feeling frustrated, stressed, and anxious about all the clutter and disorganization in your home? Are you ready to make a change so you can start feeling great at home again? Alejandra offers two training programs to teach you how to declutter your entire home and how to get organized by setting up systems that work for you. You can join either of Alejandra’s organizing programs individually, or join both to give the ultimate 1-2 punch to tackle clutter and disorganization! First declutter, then get organized. Read member reviews of Alejandra’s programs to hear first-hand success stories.

Note: You can join each program during checkout of either program.

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