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Learn why you keep struggling with disorganization and how to finally break free from the clutter and stress that’s holding you back.

What is this Program?

The Power Productivity Program® (PPP) is my step-by-step online video program I developed based on years working as a Professional Organizer. It includes everything you NEED to know, do, and understand to get yourself physically and mentally organized so you can become your most productive self without slipping back to your old ways. It’s all the step-by-step “secrets” really organized people do on a regular basis to make them super productive and efficient.

Filled with 5 easy-to-follow training modules (200-pages of detailed documentation of my entire process), over 40 video demonstrations, a step-by-step organizing plan, printable/type-able checklists and trackers, a private community forum for staying motivated, and access to my searchable Knowledge Base with hundreds of questions and answers, the Power Productivity Program was designed to give you all of the tools you need to finally overcome your own, unique battle with clutter.

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This program is for people who

  • Feel overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” they need to do (A.K.A. the never ending to-do list)
  • Feel “stuck” and don’t know where or how to begin getting back on track
  • Want to learn from an expert to avoid making mistakes and wasting time
  • Are stressed out with their clutter but don’t know what to do
  • Never learned how to get organized
  • Are struggling with disorganization which is affecting their health, relationships, finances, and overall well-being
  • Are guilty of being organized one week but then quickly slipping back to their old ways
  • Know they need to get organized but just can’t get motivated
  • Want the help of a professional organizer but can’t afford the hourly rate
  • Are tired of spending twice the time and money to replace items they can’t find in their clutter
  • Realize their lack of productivity is negatively affecting their health & happiness
  • Want a concrete organizing plan to follow
  • Are finally ready for a change and want to be shown “how” every step of the way

Here’s what I will SHOW you in this program

  • How to effectively use your to-do list to get things done
  • The one thing you need to do every night before bed to ensure a productive tomorrow
  • How to setup organizing systems in any space using my 5-step process
  • How to easily start and finish any organizing project
  • How to quickly make a decision on what to keep versus what to get rid of
  • How to figure out the best places to store things in your home based on several lifestyle factors
  • How to manage your never-ending email inbox
  • My photo checklist of every tool you need to de-clutter any space
  • How to figure out your exact organizing style based on your unique habits and lifestyle
  • The 4 things you must have in your life to begin feeling more clear, calm, and less stressed
  • How to create a maintenance plan so you don’t slip back into your old ways
  • How to setup and track a routine that will work for you
  • How to slowly get into a routine despite past failed attempts at creating a routine
  • The three things you need in your life now to make a change that will stick
  • How to set realistic goals that you’re sure to achieve using my 5-step formula
  • How to stop sabotaging yourself by letting fear get in the way
  • How to minimize the time wasters that hold you back from being productive
  • The 7 major reasons why you might be disorganized
  • How to work with a family who doesn’t want to get organized
  • How to setup kid friendly organizing systems that your kids will actually use

Here’s Exactly What’s Included

When you sign-up for the Power Productivity Program you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to access your online account where you’ll have lifetime access to the videos, training modules, printables, and organizing plan. With your lifetime access you’ll be able to reuse the program over and over again, whenever you like. You’ll also receive lifetime updates to the program at no extra charge. 

training material

5 Training Modules (PDF)

($300 Value)

  • Includes 200-pages of my exact step-by-step organizing process including my best tips & advice
  • Extremely easy-to-follow and filled with photos, charts, graphs, tables, & summarized key points
  • Walks you through my complete organizing process from getting started to maintaining
  • Modules are organized in a way that’s super easy-to-understand
  • Includes my complete detailed process fully documented for you to always have!

Over 40 Video Demonstrations

($300 Value)

  • How to get started with organizing (Together we transform a space from messy to organized! I show you the exact steps to take revealing my detailed thought process along the way.)
  • Where and how to begin organizing
  • How to setup your to-do lists so you can actually get stuff done instead of feeling overwhelmed
  • How to plan for an effective tomorrow so you can feel productive and organized
  • How to setup a maintenance plan so you actually stay organized
  • How to setup your daily routine so you know exactly what to do each and every day
  • How to use routine charts to stay on track and organized
  • How to figure out your organizing style so your systems actually work for YOU
  • How to set and track goals you will actually accomplish
  • The 7 root causes of clutter that hold you back from making progress
  • and many, many more videos not available anywhere else!

Alejandra’s Printable
Time Management
Checklists & Trackers

($75 Value)

  • Included in the program are my printable Time Management to-do lists (these are the ones I use everyday – not sold separately)
  • Printable routine trackers (these are the trackers I use daily to stay organized!)
  • My complete list of routine tasks to keep yourself and your home organized
  • My quarterly goal sheets & trackers I use throughout the year
  • All printables come in fun colors and patterns (e.g., polka dots, stripes, etc.)
  • All printables are undated which means you can print and use them forever!
  • All printables have type-able fields which means you can type your checklists before printing!
  • I explain step-by-step on video how to use each printable chart/list/tracker
  • All printables come in a variety of sizes including Letter and A4
Organizing Plan

My Step-by-Step Organizing Plan

($50 Value)

  • Included in the program is a 20-page step-by-step, easy-to-follow organizing plan that walks you through the entire process
  • List building exercises to get all of the “thoughts” and “things-to-accomplish” out of your head and onto paper ready to accomplish
  • Just plug-in your answers and follow the plan. I make it super simple to fill-out and follow!

Access to Members Forum & Knowledge Base 

($97.00 Value)

As a bonus, you’ll also receive access to my private Members Forum which includes:

  • Access to the “Discussion” area where all of our members can chat with each other, share before/after pictures, and browse discussion on various organizing topics.
  • Private forum is exclusive to Power Productivity Program members only and is not searchable on the internet.
  • My searchable and categorized Knowledge Base of hundreds of organizing questions & answers.

Total Program Value: $822.00

Total Program Investment: $197

If you were to hire me to coach you one-on-one through my entire organizing process, it would add up to well over $5000 as I charge $300/hr. However, when you join the Power Productivity Program, you can learn my entire process for just $197.

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major credit cards accepted - 60 day money-back guarantee

What’s the Difference Between SimpLESSity® & the Power Productivity Program® (PPP)?

Decluttering vs. Organizing

SimpLESSity is my complete decluttering program that teaches you how to effectively simplify your home by permanently letting go of items you no longer use, need, and love so you can eliminate distractions and overwhelm. As a result, you’ll feel light & liberated with more time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. SimpLESSity is an in-depth program that will teach you how to easily let go of items you once cherished and what to do with it all by making responsible decisions.Click here to learn more about SimpLESSity, my decluttering program.

The Power Productivity Program (PPP) is my complete organizing program that teaches you how to get (and stay) organized by setting up effective systems for the items you do use, need, and love. As a result, you’ll feel a sense of order, in control, and on top of things. It includes identifying your root cause of disorganization, figuring out your organizing style, effective time management habits and how to setup/use a to-do list, setting up effective organizing systems using my 5-step process, and implementing consistent routines and maintenance. While the PPP does touch on getting rid of things (decluttering) at a high level, it does not discuss decluttering in depth like SimpLESSity does.

If your goal is to get organized, decluttering is the first step. The second step is setting up effective organizing systems for everything that remains (the things you use, need, and love). When you combine the two (decluttering and then organizing), you’ll see the best results and discover life is easier, simpler, and more effective.

Here’s what current members have to say

“I saved $10,000 just in the first month…”

“I feel like a changed person…”

“I’m changing for the better each day…”

“I now look at organizing in a new way”

“This program has made me “think” about organizing in a new way because it truly forced me to look at my time management and my routines in a new way. I’ve always been fairly good at managing my time; however, I often struggle with getting things done that don’t necessarily make me an overall more productive person.


This program was life-changing for me because it gave me a starting point! It gave me incentive to get things done, one week at a time, one webinar at a time…and I had a source to contact when I felt like I need some support. Not only Alejandra, but the other members offered such a wealth of knowledge and support to one another.” -Stephanie, North Carolina

“I finally tackled the space I was afraid of”

“Prior to taking this program, I felt overwhelmed by the various ways to organize. This program has made me think about organizing in a new way because Alejandra helped me identify my organizing style. With that information, I was able to figure out what would make me happy and what would not.


This program was life-changing for me because I have an established system and approach that I can use in any space. By the end of the program, I implemented solutions to areas that I was hesitant to tackle. I am no longer afraid to tackle the scary garage. Thanks to PPP and Alejandra, I have a system to deal with it all. The best thing about the program was having a set of reference materials that I can use for years. I also loved to be able to share ideas and see what other people were working on in their homes, offices, etc.” -Ama Adams, Alexandria, Virginia

“I learned to break the cycle and create healthy habits”

“I enrolled in this program because I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I reached a point where my lack of productivity and organization was negatively affecting all areas of my life (i.e. my marriage, my children, and my business). I was looking for direction and tools in how to become more efficient in my daily routines and how to get organized in my office/house.


Before this program I felt stressed and mentally cluttered. This was causing me to be angry, blaming people for my lack of planning, and tired. I felt very unproductive being a stay at home mom, wife, and business partner to my husband. I chose to work with Alejandra because I felt she got me, and accepted where I was in life. She understands the root causes of many peoples disorganization and lack of productivity. Most people just clump everyone and everyone’s personalities together as if everyone learned and worked the same way. Which we don’t. This program has made me think about organizing in a new way because I now know it can be fun! I now know how to setup routines and habits that fit my personality and my lifestyle. I also have learned more about myself and what makes me disorganized and unproductive and thus, can break that cycle by creating new and healthy, daily habits. This program was life-changing for me because I now feel clear on what to do to make my life more manageable. I thrive on my being productive, and this program has now given me energy to take on my dreams and goals for my life.” -Nicole Brown, Washington State

A Program Focused On YOU

Ever since I created this program, I’ve found that the two most important things you need to be successful with an online program are support and accountability. And you’ll get both of these when you join my Power Productivity Program. Many of our members have said they feel like I’m at their side while they’re organizing. Why? Because I keep you on track and accountable as you work through the program. This isn’t one of those online programs you join and you never hear from the company again. Our program is quite the opposite.

When you join, you’ll receive follow-up emails from me with tips for getting the most out of the program (I check in with you every few days or so). You’ll also receive my detailed emails with member Q&A. Members have told me they love this email because it keeps us in touch, on track, and connected. Plus, we have excellent customer support, which means if you have any issues, just contact us and we’ll help you as fast as we can.

Easy to understand and fun to follow

I’ve never been a big reader. In fact, I’m more of a “visual” learner. Picture books, videos, and magazines are more my speed than a big thick book with lots of text. So when I developed my program, I made it my goal to make the material incredibly easy to understand and fun to follow (think videos, pictures, charts, real-life examples you can actually relate to, checklists, bullets, key points, highlighted sections, worksheets, fill in the blanks, quick summaries, etc.). I’ve always found that when the material is easy to browse, I’m more likely to actually follow it, understand it, and apply it.

A cost-effective, long-term solution you won’t find anywhere else

When most people think of hiring a “Professional Organizer” they think of someone coming to your house and working with you hands-on to declutter your spaces. That’s great and all, but unfortunately it’s an expensive service that many people simply can’t afford.

So, how does someone who cannot afford to hire a professional organizer get organized? The same way someone loses weight if they can’t afford a personal trainer. They learn to do it on their own. With a push to get started, a detailed plan, and guidance along the way and support to continue, they learn they have the power to change their own lives.

The PPP is a very unique program, probably something you haven’t seen before because there’s nothing else like this out there. Sure, there are organizing books available that give you information, but none of them include video demonstrations on every step of the process, few include an organizing plan to follow, most don’t include printables to use to stay on track, and probably none of them include access to a community where you can get motivated and inspired by exchanging organizing advice/ideas and browsing/posting before/after pictures with other people around the world who are in the program. On top of that, I send out emails to keep us all in touch and on track.

Because nothing like this exists and most people can’t afford to hire a professional organizer in-home, I made it my duty to figure out a way to help people like you easily get organized without spending thousands of dollars to learn how. After all, being productive and organized is essential to everyone’s lives.

The cost of not signing up may be more than you can afford

Let me ask you a somewhat painful question: if you don’t take action, if you continue living the way you are now, what will it cost you? Now, I don’t know what you’re personally struggling with, but a lack of organization can result in:

  • Not completing tasks on your to-do list and instead suffering the consequences
  • Late fees on unpaid bills from stacks of mail around the house
  • Missed appointments and events due to poor time management habits (leads to missed opportunities)
  • Increased grocery and other shopping bills since you might be buying duplicates of things you already own but can’t find
  • Costly home repairs due to neglected or avoided problems

And that doesn’t even include the costs of mental clutter, which can cause:

  • Lack of sleep because you’re constantly thinking of everything you need to do
  • Relationship struggles with your spouse, significant other, or even kids
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Stress-related medical conditions
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Depression / anxiety

See Before & After Transformations

Our global community of members are transforming not only their homes, but also their lives!

PPP Members Map

Our members live in over 130+ countries around the world. While the program is in English, we welcome new members from any country! Since the program focuses on the fundamentals and processes of organizing (not on specific products), it is applicable to all different lifestyles and cultures. You can successfully complete the program even if you don’t have access to stores that sell organizing products (getting organized isn’t about storage bins!). The price to join is in U.S. dollars. When you join your bank will handle any currency conversion according to the terms of your payment card.

Amy Before & After

“I have Dyspraxia which makes me very disorganised. After taking the PPP I organised the worst room, my craft room. I can now craft in peace.”

— Amy, United Kingdom

Daniella Before & After

“Now that my closet is organized it is so much easier to put things away because everything has its place. I am so proud that 6 months later I have kept it up!”

— Daniella, Florida

Susie Before & After

“Thank you Alejandra! We truly appreciate the calm that has come along with accomplishing organizing the pantry so we can find what we need!”

— Susie & Jim, Michigan

Joanne Before & After

“I was actually afraid to open the door to my linen closet. Now I often leave it open for inspiration!”

— Joanne B., California

Dawn Before & After

“My son loves being able to find his stuff and know where it belongs when he’s done with it! I don’t hear “Mom, where is (fill in the blank) nearly as often these days!”

— Dawn, Upstate NY

Angi Before & After

“I can find anything I am asked for in just a few minutes and THAT is a feeling of being organized, of being grown up and having it all together!”

— Angi, Indiana

tania Before & After

“My daughter can get dressed much faster in the mornings with a well organized closet. Also, it is much easier for her to put her laundry away.”

— Tania, Connecticut

Kristen Before & After

“I’m so excited to have an organized office and studio space! My husband has a clean space to write music and can actually sit down at the piano!”

— Kristen, Tennessee

Naomi Before & After

“We can quickly find what we are looking for. No more time wasted, no more duplicates and the grocery list is a breeze!”

— Naomi, Massachusetts

Nadia Before & After

“Getting organized has helped me think positive and change the way I think of chores and everyday tasks. I even got my son involved!”

— Nadia, Doha-Qatar, Middle East


Join the Program 100% Risk Free

My goal is to help you get organized, stay organized, and be more productive so you can live your best life without the distraction of clutter. That’s why I invite you to fully participate in my program for up to 60 days, and if you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, then I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

I’m assuming 100% of the risk for you because I am so confident that this program works when applied correctly. In fact, I already know it works because my members and I are living proof. I’ve made investing in this program risk free. You have absolutely nothing to lose and massive amounts to gain that will change your life for the better, if you take action – starting today.

That’s my promise to you,


Which Risk-Free Payment Option Would You Like?

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major credit cards accepted - 60 day money-back guarantee

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