I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

Member Reviews

  • This program is literally changing my life! It is helping me find out where my clutter came from, how to address it and how to maintain a more orderly home. Alejandra’s is also very inspiring and helpful in getting me motivated. I am seeing great progress already!
  • There’s a logical approach that break things down step by step. Most of us clutterbugs have some degree of ADD/ADHD and need that kind of hand-holding!
  • The home is the base of every other areas in our lives, if its decluttered everything else will instantly improve.
    —Sarah Khamis
  • The program is very helpful. It covers absolutely everything that has to do with decluttering. The only thing left out is not being able to get Alejandra and Ed to my house to do it for me.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Alejandra is a thorough instructor and thoughtful person. The website and videos are put together very well and her instruction and practical tools have helped to get into the deeper issues related to disorganization.
    —Lisa Nielsen
  • Program is extremely thorough and the attention to detail is amazing.
    —Tonya H.
  • This has not only motivated me, but also allows me to fail. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It really is a change in how I view getting rid of stuff or things just no longer needed that others need. I have released 4 loads of incredible finds to Goodwill. My home, not yet completed, is so much easier to pick up. I don’t miss a thing! It is now easier to get rid of more which is so liberating!!! If anyone is just overwhelmed set a timer for 10 minutes and just do something. You will be surprised and motivated.
    —K. Blakey, San Diego
  • I appreciate the easy and simple approach to preparing for, removal of, and responsible disposal of clutter in my home. The way the material is presented just makes sense! I cleared up 3 cabinets and 4 drawers in one afternoon. I felt like I could just breathe easier knowing when I opened those areas what I needed was right in plain sight, without excess items blocking me. I have a new perspective on clearing items in the best way from my home, while benefiting and helping others with them. My biggest hold back was that all The thing I no longer wanted would end up in the landfill.The Facebook forum was especially beneficial in motivation with other members and their experience in this journey. Alejandra’s presence throughout page is extremely helpful and refreshing. Whether it’s regarding solutions and answers to questions or acknowledging individual achievements you really do feel like she is with you and cheering you on every step of the way! Thank You!
    —Tamila Darling
  • I’m confident that your program is the best thing I have done for myself and my inability to declutter on my own.
  • The program is a great accompaniment to the Power Productivity Program, and I’d recommend both together with Simplessity first. The resources alone are worth the cost of the program. I had started decluttering before I purchased the program, with some tidbits you’d placed in the PPP (You don’t have to keep the thing to keep the memory, etc). It’s been tough to get my husband on board until now. Honestly most of the stuff in the Simplessity program as far as videos, while helpful to me, was more helpful to my husband who was watching from the “sideline”. And now we’re both on track in terms of decluttering and on the same page. Really, Simplessity has been a game changer for my marriage. We’re going to do PPP again, together… this time making the systems work for both of us… and it’s all because of starting with Simplessity. We both feel better and our house is easier to take care of now!
    —Liz M
  • You have given what could be a terrible, daunting job real meaning and great information!
  • It’s the most detailed, informative, visual, step-by-step, encouraging program out there on simplifying!
    —Kathy Beasley
  • I am absolutely amazed at how empowering this program is. It is described as a decluttering program but in my opinion it is SO MUCH MORE. The kindness I received by customer support has really made an impact on my way of thinking. They helped me more emotionally than they probably know. Giving me faith in humanity as well as reclaimed faith in myself. Thank you Alejandra and your Rockstar team… Y’all rock!
  • This is the first program that has motivated me enough to finally get rid of the things I don’t need. The videos are helpful because they not only tell you to purge but actually show how to purge. There are a lot of organizing programs but clearing out must be accomplished first. This program provides the inspiration to achieve that goal.
  • This is the smartest, most sensible & most reasonable decluttering program I have seen. Maybe I just think like you, but you have great ideas & rationale for decluttering, yet keeping what you use & love.
  • I think that it is a very thorough well-presented program and it provides a great deal of information for a nominal cost.
  • I have read lots of different cluttering documents and books.From blogs,other online resources however the SimpLESSity program has been the most effective for me as it is so much more detailed then other decluttering programs and resources. Better and easier steps.Good for people with different learning styles such as visual,written etc…..Alejandra really inspires me by her talented teaching.
  • This program is a life changer. Alejandra provides organizing information that I have not heard or read before. Her concept is brilliant, declutter you life by removing what you don’t need, use or love and by doing so you provide someone else the opportunity to use your items to improve their lives. The freedom you feel by simplifying your life is priceless. Everything in your life will improve. Highly recommend buying both programs to gain the most comprehensive changes. I have used the program at work as well. As someone who is naturally organized I can not tell you how much I have learned and put into place in my own home. I encourage you to watch all the video so you see the program in action and the decision making process. this concept is revolutionary and keeps it real. Thank you so much!
    —Crystal Smith
  • It works! For the first time in years I am doing instead of just getting motivated then stopping!—Kim from Texas
  • Nothing has worked so well before. It’s like we are living in a different house, in the process of reclaiming ours from beneath the mountain of thoughtless clutter that accumulated while we were asleep at the wheel. Hello, floors! Hello, wall space! Hello, horizontal surfaces! Hello, PEACE! Thank you for taking us by the hand and confidently guiding us how and where to start, and how and when to continue, and cheerleading why we would benefit from so much LESS in our busy lives. The blessings we share by clearing and donating have already come back to us tenfold and there is a growing lightness and brightness in our world due to it.
  • I would be likely to recommend the program because I like the way you are able to motivate and encourage decluttering. You do a nice job of simplifying the steps to help change your mindset on why you are keeping things that you don’t need. I have donated almost 20 bags of clothes, shoes and purses to a thrift shop that raises money to help animals with fostering, adoption and medical. They were so happy with my bags on the first trip and were even happier when I returned with the second load. I barely evened opened my closet in years and now I can see the floor and find whatever I have left so easily!
  • If you have the motivation and dedication, you can change your life!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Your program is well-conceived, covers a broad range of de-cluttering issues, and simplifies an overwhelming process. You have helped me to feel motivated and overcome the barriers that were preventing me from being successful. In particular, I especially appreciate the recycling/repurposing spreadsheet you created. This is immensely helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    —Melissa from Florida
  • This is a beautiful program. With your videos and you working through the motions and the handbook it all comes together and culminates in a successful outcome. I’m sure anyone who tries this program will have immediate results because Alejandra is so inspiring she is so down to earth and you feel as if the task in front of you is nothing more than a step in the right direction to regaining freedom and happiness. It’s inspiring and it’s fun! In the past when I would start on a room I would take a look and I’d say oh my goodness that’s so much to do but with her decluttering program I found that I only keep the things that bring me joy and the things that are most useful. I learned to part with some of the things that were just wreaking havoc in my life, that had no purpose and we’re just taking up space . That’s really the first step if somebody just doesn’t know where to start . I love that she even provided outlets for recycling things that one more than half the time wouldn’t know what to do with . This program gives people back their freedom to make decisions that are right for them their families and all those that love them . It gives a person free time, more clarity, more life. Loved the program!
    —Theresa Carlomagno
  • I like that it is not just some theoretical explanation about why it is good to simplify life. It’s a journey that we take together. You show what it was like for you and Ed – real example, real decisions, real emotions, real results. And to me it is more inspiring than just a book on decluttering. I now try to apply “SimpLESSity” to other areas of my life, since my physical space is more or less tackled now, and be mindful of my life choices. To me, the most important point out of the entire program is to stop spreading my attention on things that bring little to no value in my life and start thinking big – about important things in my life.
  • Because it worked for me. Beginning in 2014 with PPP I started by getting my life and home office functional. Continued to improve, tweak and now my guests have noticed the organized difference. It has been a wonderful Christmas without the overwhelm. Thank you and best wishes for the New Year.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Extremely helpful, amazing value content, very organized step by step program, easy to use. Customer service amazing! Make the whole process of declutter less daunting and totally archivable I feel guided and supported the whole time! Thank you so much!
    —Jamie H
  • It is an amazing program with simple explanations and solutions. Alejandra is amazing and guides you every step of the way to declutter and truly enjoy the simple things that matter in your life.
  • This program cuts to the heart of why we have clutter and how to get it out of our lives and homes and keep it out. It’s a very self-empowering program that is simple, concise and easy to implement.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It has made a huge difference in how I look at my “stuff”. It really makes me think before I purchase something I really don’t need or want!
  • The thought process and the mindset behind your decluttering is amazing…. How to keep it that way!!! It’s simple and easy to do! That is if you set your mind to it!! The encouragement I get to keep going and the applaud we get for what we already accomplish, even if it is only baby steps! Alejandra has done everything she teaches on her videos and reading!!! It’s not like some other things I have tried in the past where you get something, or a method you like but then never hear back from anyone once you purchase the products. Alejandra stays connected with you!!! It is hands down the best simplicity and organizing programs I have ever seen!
    —Rachel King
  • Alejandra – I just love everything you put out. I am already off-the-charts organized, but I find everything you do inspiring and fun to watch. Even though I am very organized, there is always more to learn – and I pick up new ideas from you all the time. I appreciated your discussion about how even the most organized people can get overwhelmed. In the past year I have had that feeling myself, and have downsized majorly from a 4 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom condo. My husband and I have been moving more towards a simpler lifestyle with less stuff! SimpLESSity has inspired me even more to eliminate the excess in my life. I enjoyed your ideas on where to donate or get rid of items. There were some great new ideas in there for me. For those struggling with clutter and disorganization, let me tell you that if you make the effort to use SimpLESSity and Power Productivity together – they will be a one-two punch that can change your life! Alejandra – Please keep up all your great work because you are making a difference for so many people out there.
  • Because I couldn’t have accomplished what I have, without the program. You may have the desire and the constant reminder that you need to do something but if you don’t have the “know how” and the guidelines, you don’t get anywhere. I had tried many times doing it by myself but i only accomplished short term goals but it was not a change inside my mind. Days became months… months become years, time went by and I didn’t know how or where to begin AND continue…I would just get stuck in the “I have to do this one day” or the “desire” to do it. After the videos and the reading, I feel confident. It’s like suddenly having a flashlight guiding me and even guiding my thoughts about everyday decisions. I feel like now I have that knowledge helping me at all times.
    —Nayla Canellas
  • I really like the program and am excited about getting started. I look at things differently now, liking that I can look at them and see myself getting rid of things instead of just stressing me out. I am just getting started and am taking baby steps but each area that I work on makes me feel so much more mentally calm.
  • Decluttering your house or even just a problem area in your house takes a HUGE amount of stress off of you. The checklists are extremely useful to help you realize what is important and what is not. Decluttering has a freeing affect on you and it inspires confidence in accomplishing other goals; it gives you time to do the things that are really important to you.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The SimpLESSity programme has, so far, been a great help for me and my husband as we are preparing to move house over the next few months and are ready to begin preparing to pack sensibly so that we don’t take everything with us, only the stuff we truly need. I’ve also used the PPP somewhat over the last few years and between the two programmes it will hopefully make me more productive and organised! Many thanks Alejandra, you really do transform lives!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I believe in this program. The values in which we learn allow us to be prosperous and free in our own mind.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I love your program and I know it works. Simplicity has helped me declutter so much. Getting rid of so much stuff has helped my mental state also. I didn’t realize how stressed I was everytime I walked into a room until I started this program.
    —Melina B.
  • I am so glad I bought this program. I thought I knew how to declutter, but I discovered I really didn’t. Watching you and Ed going through the program was so inspiring. I’m still a work in progress, but this program has really made an impact in our home so far. The reading material is helpful to have as well. I have it printed out so I can easily grab it for reference. Also having the support of others on Facebook is great! Thank you, Alejandra, for showing us through SimpLESSity, we can take control of our homes through baby steps or full gusto.
  • So far I LOVE this program… I am a visual person & your workbook & Videos are absolutely AMAZING… you & your husband & the programs you developed are so completely thorough, right down to the nitty-gritty details to give much needed serious help to people like me on how to get unstuck & uncluttered!! … unfortunately for me, however, my timing was not that great… As I purchased your program right before my Income Taxes were due; and because of my disorganization & terrible paper clutter, I’ve been too bogged down with giving my full attention to completing my Taxes, which quite frankly were a nightmare 🙁 mostly because of my clutter & paper disorganization (sigh)… which consequently has left me with very little time & energy to really focus on your SimpLESSity & Power Productivity Program… So to be honest, I’ve only read thru the materials & watched all your videos (which BTW I truly Love), but have not really had time to start… So now that my Taxes are finished, I’m really anxious & excited about started, since now I’ll be able to give this project my full undivided attention… Thank you so much… please wish me luck!!
    —Ellen D.
  • Because it works !! And reduced anxiety
    —Adriana Chagollan
  • Your material is so thorough and the videos are great reinforcement. Your enthusiasm (and Ed’s) are great incentives to keep at it!
  • It works! I’m off to a great start
    —Mandy K
  • I think it is a great program that you can do on your own schedule and at your own speed.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It helped me with my overwhelming feeling when I didn’t know where or how to start to tackle my stuff.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • You did a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating your program. In my opinion, the videos are exactly the right length (not too long), and the printed material is impressive. I can tell that you spent much time researching and creating it. My family is moving to another state in a few months, and SimpLESSity will help us get ready for that.
  • I have already used the program and it helped me lock in a certain mindset when I go to look at my existing items and new items I might potentially purchase.
    —Cindy P
  • This program helps motivate to achieve beyond setting up systems. SimpLESSity provides a view of clutter and how it affects us. We don’t need to accumulate stuff because we think we have a need. Junk isn’t a necessity.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I think all my family and friends could benefit from the program. It’s a great program to help declutter our homes and feel better.
  • Great motivation to clean and organize.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It’s great information and presented in a positive, enjoyable way. I’ve learned a lot.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I love your program – I have been stuck in a cluttering rut and it is helping me see real change in my home. I like how the program tackles the psychology of why/how we become cluttered in our lives and offers ways to remedy & prevent future clutter. Feeling grateful to have support from Alejandra & company. Thank you!
  • The system works, changed my way of thinking about clutter. I had several relatives pass away, my pets, my horse. I began to save everything and all of their things too. I am still digging my way out but I am making progress.

    Especially for the items I enjoy purchasing such as makeup. I am conquering the clutter mindset and releasing items. It has been done little by little as I work and have received many boxes of items from relatives who passed.

    It had to happen to make room for my life.

  • I think the program is great, I love that it has physical paperwork to follow as well as the video’s, and it’s easy to understand. Now if Alejandra could just pop in to my home occasionally to keep me motivated it would be wonderful!
    —Tonyia ~ Spokane Valley WA
  • It’s so well laid out. You can see the time and effort that has been put in to the program.
  • Because, the program is very helpful, when I use it. It’s been slow going because I am self employed, and very social, and have found I don’t have as much time to dedicate to it, as I would like. Even so, I am getting more organized, and over time, I’m noticing that I know where to find things, I know where to put things, and my weeding out is happening. Slow and steady like the tortoise
    —SimpLESSIty Member
  • I like the way everything is organized. Also I like the fact that there are videos along with the reading materials and forms to help navigate through it.
  • So well tailored to any one. No guilt for taking as much time as needed.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Absolutely love the program and being a part of it!!
  • Its a great program with tons of positive ideas and motivation.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The videos are informative, entertaining, and inspiring. The information is very helpful. I love that you have handouts, videos and written material, because people learn differently. It really is everything you need to get yourself decluttered.
    —Barb I
  • The way you break everything down into easier tasks and explain practically everything. I love how you have made the program realistic! If anyone wants to declutter and organize, they can if they put their mind to it!
  • Great, objective plan. Clearly identified and labeled guidelines. Plainly expressed instructions.
    —David F.
  • I feel Alejandra really knows what she’s doing. I appreciate how detailed & thorough SimpLESSity is.
  • You inspire me, you talk in your videos like your talking to me individually, I have hope to get my house the way I want it as I’m able to tackle it in baby steps because of all I’m trying to juggle at once. Your knowledge, ideas etc is everything I needed. You make it simple and help me to look at what I’m working on I can make the decisions and know how and where to donate items etc. I’m making headway in my office. It’s taking quite a bit of time because of all the paperwork and files I deal with. I also am working on our tax papers. I love your program and so happy I came across one of your videos a couple of years ago. Thanks for your help Alejandra and all those that help make this available!
  • We all have clutter somewhere. Most people complain about it and accept it as a part of life. I believe this program can help change that “normal” thinking and behavior. In the end more people will rid their lives of this unused, space occupying, burden carrying “stuff” and pass it on to someone else or get rid of it the right way. A big sigh of relief will be the result and hopefully a change in mindset moving forward where thought is executed when the time arises as to what will again enter our homes and lives.
  • You have put so much time and effort into making this program full proof. If you follow the program, you will not fail to de-clutter your home and make your life so much more enjoyable for you and your family. Thank you for caring so much for others like me who truly appreciate your help and inspiration.
    —Cookie Karen
  • Everyone can benefit from decluttering, and there are so many ideas in this program to make it very approachable. I love how much information there is about responsible recycling, as I had no idea as to how many things can be donated or recycled. I am finding the program to be very inspiring!
  • The program is well structured and easy to follow. It is ideal for anybody who needs a support to start the decluttering process.
  • I have always been a pack rat. I always had difficulty parting with things or didn’t get rid of things because I didn’t know what to do with them. You make the process easy by putting things in categories such as donate or recycle. Then you tell us exactly how to get rid of them. I never thought I’d be able to get rid of my things, but I currently have a pool table full of items that I will be taking to Salvation Army tomorrow! When I’m done decluttering my house, then I’m going to take the organization course so that I won’t have to keep things in piles anymore!
  • Extremely informative and well-organized!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It is really a great help! It is very easy to follow. It gives me a clear steps on where to begin if I get lost for being overwhelmed with stuff.
    —Eva H.
  • It’s great to see videos & read all the chapters on each type of room needing to be decluttered.
    —Jan S. ( PA)
  • I’m having a blast! Who’d have thought de-cluttering would be so fun! I really haven’t started the program so much (I’ve repeated the same three beginning videos many times!) as being blessed to find out about the accountability events and the free trial of the Q&As. I am so excited to work so aggressively on my home because of the awesome people who are also on the Zoom accountability calls. The motivation I receive from Alejandra is priceless, and working while everyone else is working really makes it easy to work, too. I purchased the monthly Q&As before TeamOrganize launched and I’ve purchased into it also. Not sure how that works out between the two, but I’m loving the motivation, the warm caring community, Alejandra and Ed, and the de-cluttering progress I’m making on my home. Miles to go, but I’m committed for the long term! And, thank you, thank you, thank you! Alejandra, none of this would work if you weren’t the one doing it. You are truly a special individual. Your personality, caring, joy, and friendliness are the center. I never experienced joy while de-cluttering until I “met” you! And, you work along with us! Umm…it says the “primary” reason for my answer…Sorry! 🙂
    —Sharon from Topeka, KS!
  • You give easy to understand instructions and great reasons for getting rid of ridiculous things. You are thoughtful but no nonsense. I have cleaned out and organized every closet (and my remaining shoes are in labeled plastic shoe boxes). Even the dreaded coat closet under the stairs. Everything had piled up due to knee injury, surgery and recovery. Now I am working on photo boxes that date back to 1964!! you are non judgmental and very caring. I AM GETTING IT DONE due to this stay in place order. How timely. Thank you!!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have watched all of the videos and am satisfied that it is a great program.
  • Great program. It really encouraged me to straighten up and declutter my house
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It works
  • I have made a ton of progress on getting rid of clutter. The really amazing part about it is that I am getting rid of the clutter in a responsible way. The feeling that comes with it is amazing. However, right now things with the virus have made it difficult to get the clutter out of the house. I am still delivering what I can and labeling boxes for where they go whenever this mess passes. Making my home a comfort from the storm has been a huge blessing and I cannot thank you enough.
  • Simplessity is very easy to follow. You have someone actually showing you what to do. All you have to do is let yourself learn, forget what you know or thought you knew ( because if you knew you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place). Just watch, listen and DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF. When you listen to Alejandra, she isn’t judging us. As a matter of fact she’s positively understanding and quite easy to follow. My place has been a royal mess for 20 years, I never brought anyone in. I’m cleaning up now. It’s more than a clean up/ organizing program. Alejandra helps you to see the mental block that has you mired in STUFF.
    —I am a nurse, mother and grandmother
  • I love the video, a picture is worth 1000 words.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It is a programme that works.
  • Simplessity is so helpful to me.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I feel the program does a great job simplifying the process by demonstrating steps, provides clarity on how to responsibility remove items from home that aren’t needed at the moment. Personally, I feel my stress levels have decreased since I started my decluttering journey. First, I joined Alejandra’s PPP.When I signed up, my thought was that I can declutter without simpLESSity; but quickly I felt very overwhelmed by all the work that implies to declutter and didn’t know where to start, what to do, if I should get rid of something or not, where to take it? etc. I decided then to join simpLESSity and start from the begining. I’m very happy I did, because Alejandra’s systematic way of approaching decluttering (as shown in the videos) made it simple for me to follow along and feel the confidence that I needed to start and keep me going. Thank you for all you do Alejandra!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • As a former teacher in various contexts from 1976-2017, from age to to 70 year olds, I consider your whole approach to teaching adults how to live better if they choose, from decluttering & beyond is astounding.It 1000% suits my learning style. No guesswork for participants. Non judgemental, value for $$, super supportive in a variety of ways.. email support, an excellent team of contractors/staff who are brilliant.Suitable for any adult age group, M & F. Global, multicultural backgrounds, inclusive. I’ve tried a few books & a few other online courses on decluttering & related journeys. None suited me.You inspire me as do your colleagues, beyond belief. Nice to see &hear Ed, your husband & business partner too.
    Your down to earth, so practical. I have enjoyed with love every part of this program I have participated in since I signed up in June 2021. The 1 day bootcamp , the day I joined, was highly recommended to me by a former participant in the USA. I am forever grateful. Joined with zero hesitation. The boot camp session blew me away!

    —Anne F. From rural Australia

  • This program has helped changed my mindset and given me permission to let go of guilt associated with stuff. It has helped so much to reframe my thinking, and think of letting go of my own stuff in terms of what I can give someone else who needs it more, and how I can let go of items in a sustainable way. Every time I remove clutter from my apartment I have felt so much lighter and haven’t felt the regret that I thought I’d feel. My husband has even been completely on board with this process, which in itself has been remarkable as he is usually reluctant to make decisions and usually leaves the emotional burden of household clutter to me.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Easy to follow. At first I thought it was silly to worry about junk drawers and mug cabinets. Since I couldn’t even walk through my house. But as you start decluttering and filling a box to go away, you start looking for items to finish filling it. My kitchen cabinets and drawers plus counters are great. Long way to go, but think I can do it now.
    —Brenda B
  • Your genuine sincerity and personalized professional assistance. You provide motivation, encouragement, options, creativity and flexibility to each of us based on our individual needs and goals. Beyond basic decluttering tips and tricks, the program multiple options of support and learning. For example, a Simplessity training guide, downloadable printouts/reference materials, videos, accountability buddies, live Q&A sessions, technical support/recommendations, our own individual AlejandraTV online account to track everything!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • So many good tips, videos, printouts, personal replies–I haven’t been able to keep up with it all but Alejandra understands that too and has useful suggestions.
    —Old Redhead
  • I love the program and have done lots already and then watch it again and continue. I find I am starting to put things away automatically instead of just tossing it somewhere.
  • I believe that the program works! I am a very lazy reader and I found the reading material very easy to follow. I actually suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and struggle with decluttering because I am afraid of regretting my decision. I have found listing the items I donate, sell or throw away (using the lists provided) to be a HUGE help. I am less worried about the items if I have a record of where they went. I think other people with OCD would relate and this program would definitely help.
  • Both decluttering and organizing programs together have provided me with many tips on how to go about this as well as the right mindset. Even though it will take me a long while to finish decluttering and organizing due to personal circumstances, I am very much encouraged by what I have managed to do up till now. Life has definitely become easier in every area that I have conquered. I can find things almost immediately (I just have to get used to the new systems and places, but it’s easy) and that saves me a lot of time. You have been a great inspiration.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I referred it to my friend over Facebook. She was asking how to free herself of books that she has, how to let go. She replied in agreement after checking it out of how detailed your program is. I have actually eliminated so many items. Even things I never thought I could. While I am working I play the SimpLESSity videos and put the volume up as a motivation. I love the detailed checklists and the pointed questions we should ask ourselves about our clutter when we struggle to declutter. I will be decluttering again today. I have also been decluttering my mom’s items with permission. I play the videos for her to prep her prior to helping. That way it makes even more sense and easier for her to let go.
  • Started decluttering my kitchen which is a huge undertaking and already I feel 100% better.
    —Susan A.
  • It’s easy to follow – the materials and videos are very motivating!
  • Life is sooo much easier to live like this.
  • It helped me to start to declutter and think about getting rid of things that we don’t use. The videos are very well done and it helps you through the process. By Decluttering you are also organizing your house… Which I love it!! When you are doing this process it makes you feel good, lighter and accomplished. Thank you
    —Giselle A.
  • The program is wonderful with lots of practical advise …love the forum too!
  • It’s a good program.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Alejandra is great at teaching and hands on instruction and actively showing you how to start, keep going and complete each project of decluttering a particular space in your home. Totally non-judgemental and she shares her emotions and feelings, the psychology behind our why we have difficulty letting go of our possessions. (STUFF) we accumulate over the years. Alejandra is thorough and truly an inspiration. I would highly recommend her program.
  • It’s working and it’s fun
  • I feel overwhelmed, but have hope that through your program I will be able to simplify my life. Your organizational materials are amazing.
  • I think it is a great program that helps you every step of the way and it’s like having a good friend cheering you on.
  • I love the videos and the written material and the Facebook support group. But most of all I love Alejandra’s genuine caring nature. Everything she says makes sense. She opens up and makes an example of herself and I feel like I know her!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It works! It is doable. It is a great resource. It is a simple program that takes mental clutter, discouragement, guilt, difficulty in home and life and gives a simple solution. I don’t have to keep everything and find a lace for it. Only what I need, use, and love. I love freedom!
  • Lots of helpful hints! The videos provide a great visual. Let’s face it, if you are a clutter bum, you need to mooooooove and do. Alejandra is a great motivator!
  • If you don’t know where to start – SimpLESSity is a great place to start – it shows you what can be done. Provides great tips, tricks and training along the way. You are not alone in this journey!!
    —Aussie Mel
  • Very clear and detailed instructions. I especially appreciated the information about recycling the items that I want to get rid of.
    —Karen W.
  • I think the PPP and the SimpLESSity program go hand in hand. I’m a very visual person, I like the PPP format in showing how to organize. The peppy colors, baskets, and bins make organizing more fun and productive at the same time. The SimpLESSity program reminds you of the benefits to declutter in order to clear your home and your mind to live a more fulfilling life.
    —Melissa Emert
  • I think it’s got a lot of great advice for people who are totally overwhelmed on where to even start as well as what questions to ask yourself as you go through the process. I also love being a part of the private FB page for advice, ideas & support!!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I love the program! It’s so easy to follow, and the questions make it easy to get rid of stuff I would hang on to otherwise!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have LOVED getting rid of all the extra stuff cluttering my life! So freeing!
  • I love how easy the program is to follow. The program has fantastic resources for disposing items sustainably. Also, I love the private Facebook group to share and receive support with others facing clutter.
  • I love this program. It is very easy to follow and fun to watch. The process makes sense and the videos and workbooks make everything seem so SIMPLE! Thank you!
  • It has helped my overall mental picture and stress levels!
  • This program is easy to follow. If you follow this program read, watch the videos and complete each step.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • You’re amazing first off. I am not so amazing and what you made look so easy in the videos with your spouse IE – the media closet for example I think took you two a couple hours – approx. Would probably take me days, many hours and be really overwhelming. I might even get stuck there with piles on the floor half done. It would be really neat to also see you working through those really difficult areas or situations where someone who may get overwhelmed with the letting go or the thought process on the really hard items. Like the beanie babies what is going on in your head? How does one limit if one wants all the beanie babies. I do very much love your: need-use-love and that helps me a lot. Anyway – please feel free to use this: the areas I completed are amazing and I could have never gotten as far without this program. I cannot wait to complete the program and move onto Alejandra’s next one! Thank you ever so much for making this program and opening your life and space to me. Xoxo
  • The program is professional, serious and efficient but also a lot of fun. Also, it feels great to be taught by someone who’s been there, done that and knows what she’s talking about:). I also love that members can share their experience and contact Alejandra’s team so easily.
  • Amazing. …has changed my life. I feel so lighter and in control.
  • Your program makes me feel accomplished. It provides step by step demos and explanations on how to declutter. I love having an appendix that helps me know where to get rid of declutter responsibly. The more I engage in the process my awareness for recycling is becoming more acute.
  • The videos are awesome. I appreciate that they are in real time, not a before and after with lots of talk, but really doing it from start to finish. That is very important to those needing the encouragement. I had come to the realization a week before I signed up that I needed to just focus on decluttering. My whole house is a mess. But Simplessity isn’t just about decluttering. It is about simplifying in a way that suits me, my purposes, and my life right now. It is not some canned system that promises great results, or that makes me feel bad if I don’t.

    I also appreciate the honesty you show from how you explain the program to the whole process. You get straight to the point, giving everything that’s needed to jump right in and get it done. I love getting rid of my stuff responsibly.

    I gave my craft cabinet that’s been sitting in my garage since we moved here and not really being used to a close friend of mine. To me, I got rid of something. To her, it was a real answer to prayer. Chemicals bother her so she uses it to hide her laundry and cleaning supplies so the smells don’t bother her anymore. I gave some stuff away to a rummage sale for a kids summer camp.

    I like taking pictures as it is leaving my house. It will take a long time for me to do this, but those pictures remind me that it is getting done, even if it is slowed down to a snail’s pace or has to completely stop sometimes.

    I don’t know of any program that focuses on just decluttering, except those that involve someone coming into your house and costing lots of money. With this program, I can declutter however I want to and whenever I want to. Alejandra doesn’t tell me I have to get rid of things, she gives me a process for getting rid of those things I don’t need, use, or love anymore in a way that suits me and my lifestyle. The decisions are mine, she’s the coach and mentor I need to get it done.
    —SimpLESSity Member

  • I find the whole concept of SimpLESSIty to be highly effective. I believe that others who may be struggling with some form of clutter issue will find Alejandra’s method, inspirational outlook, information, and tools to be highly effective. When someone shares his or her story, as Alejandra has, it helps to know that the person who is providing the information, has gone through something similar him/herself. You know that it works.
  • The program is well organized into bite size projects. The videos give very graphic examples of how it is done. They show real life experience in decluttering and the personal stories make an embarrassing situation less overwhelming.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I believe most people don’t know how to simplify their lives and this is a great way to learn. Simple and informative. Thanks Alejandra.
  • The program is was very informative and I didn’t know you could recycle Or donate certain items. And Alejandra doesn’t judge. She is easy going and explains everything. I’m going slow but have made a difference already!
  • I would already recommend your free videos to them. It seems only fair for you to be rewarded for your thoughtful advice and filming efforts, and joining the program is a way to do it. It’s also helpful to have someone personally encourage one, and we do tend to value what has cost us a little something.
  • You and your program are amazing. It’s detailed and easy to follow.
    —Jeanne C.
  • Just watching how to declutter instead of reading about it was already inspiring but the appendix with all the ways to get it out of your house is worth the entire program as it is exactly the problem I have always had and the reason I end up not getting on with it. Just decluttering one thing can be a project in and of itself because of the research but that has now been done for me 🙂
  • Very helpful and easy to follow. Motivating and fun.
    —Jenine from Houston
  • I am a chronic procrastinator and have ADD…this is the most progress I’ve made in my struggle to declutter! It’s slow for me, but it’s more effective than anything else I’ve ever tried!
  • This program is very positive and informative. I just am overwhelmed with work right now. Once I am settled, I will focus on organizing my home; I look forward to viewing the videos and reference guides.
    —Miss D
  • I’ve benefited so much from it, I’d like to share it with others
  • Affordable support.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The key factor is “someone who expresses a desire to join a decluttering program. Unless someone feels a need for help the people I know would probably think they could figure this type of thing out by themselves. I needed support, encouragement, and comradery with others who also have a struggle in this area. I knew I could not spend money for this and not follow through. It was a place of commitment and progress is being made.
    —Sally Buttons
  • I just feel there is a lot of good information in your system. I’ve only had two occasions so far that I did decluttering – I have a long ways to go- but the feeling I have when I see my progress is so rewarding!! I gave nearly everything away with a post on Facebook that I decided to part with. That was a great feeling in itself- to be able to help/bless others. I can’t wait to do more!!!
  • I love your personality and get very motivated when I hear you speak and see how you organize, unfortunately my motivation dwindles quickly-trying to keep going.
    —Michelle H.
  • If this program can help me it can help anyone! It is put together so well that it also inspire me each time I go thru a section. Plus all the forum information is very ,very helpful.
  • Wonderful program, material is well presented and easy to understand. Love all the resources available!
  • I love watching the encouraging videos and knowing that I’m not the only one in this position. I like the free feeling that I have received so far in my decluttering process.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I was able to declutter the room that pushed me to buy the program! Because of this program I feel motivated and excited to get declutter more and more!
  • It not only guides you but gives you insight into why you do what you do
  • Because your Simplessity has Merit! It works well if people use the information well.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Excellent tips and enjoy the videos.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Alejandra and Ed make this program fun. They explain the process step by step. The videos, training material and printables are very easy to follow. Also, the appendices are very informative.
  • Program is very helpful and motivating, and it has some new great information about where/how to recycle specific items in your home.
  • Your encouragement to do it at my pace. I have a brain injury and I could not do a whole clothes closet in a day or my kitchen. So I pick a shelf of drawer and feel accomplished. Thank you for the videos that I can go back and watch again to remember your tips but even more to here your encouragement.
    —Jan Makovicka
  • I really like the program. It has given me the tools to declutter. Namely the question “Do you use it – yes or no?” has been life changing for me. The penny finally dropped.
    —Helene from Australia
  • It’s a workable program. So far I’ve been working on paper clutter. This program has helped me more than any other.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It works if once you get into it. The videos and reading materials are great motivators to help make decisions quickly about what to keep and what to get out of the house.
  • I value the many ways deep decluttering can affect our lives: physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. I also appreciate that Alejandra provided us with the means to do it and will always be there for support.
  • I’ve been following Alejandra for a few years and have PPP and SimpLESSity. I have always found the information and tips to be extremely helpful and have shared a few things with family and friends. I’m more motivated than ever to declutter so I can feel ‘free’ at home.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The program is easy to apply and really digest to read even if English is not your first language (I’m from Belgium). The steps in the reading material are easy to understand and well detailed. Concerning the videos, they are so inspiring as we see Alejandra going through the process and so it’s seems less difficult.
  • It works.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • In Alejandra fashion, this program is very motivational, well-structured, and easy to follow. I especially love all the tips she shares in how to responsibly get rid of things.
    —Maria V.
  • It’s easy to understand what to do, and that makes the process less overwhelming. It helps a lot to see the videos of you and Ed doing the program, so it feels doable. If you could do it, why can’t I? 🙂 Your results are beautiful, and that’s my vision to keep going and knowing that if I just keep working, I will get the same beautiful result as you did. That’s why I love this program and would definitely recommend it to someone else 🙂
  • It just makes complete sense the way you put it together and explain it. Literally anyone can do it
    —Diana B
  • Love your programs. Doing it very slowly this time around, lots going on but the little I have implemented, seeing massive results and peace of mind!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It is life changing
  • I have always been a person who likes things nice and organized. But, having children requires you to go through your things much more frequently so that things do not get out of control. SimpLESSity is very helpful in taking you through the process of decluttering and knowing where to donate everything as well. I have enjoyed this process. Tho I am not through the whole program yet. I have also complete and enjoyed the power of productivity program as well. Love them both.
    —Vanessa Amanatidis
  • Love the program, it’s helping get my entire house de-cluttered.
  • It is a great quality program, just like your productivity program, well worth the money.
  • It has helped me to begin decluttering and I’m thankful for the inspiration and follow up from Alejandra.
  • The program works! Alejandra is a great teacher; sincere, honest, has great ideas and explains them well. The private fb group is very supportive.
  • SimpLESSity is a decluttering program, but Alejandra has just naturally made it a motivational and inspirational program as well and that makes all the difference to me.
  • The program is easy to follow and the learning materials are very thorough.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I am a huge fan of the Power Productivity Plan. Going through that has changed my life for the better. When I received your email letting me know about SimpLESSity I almost cried. I had systems in place, but felt like I was just organizing the clutter. I have started to de-clutter and really assess what I have and how I use it. My family had to down-size due to an unexpected job loss in 2014. We went through a major purge then, but now I am really digging in. I am looking forward to spending the next several months really cleaning out and then organizing again.
  • Very easy, simple and motivating
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • This program is straightforward and easy to understand. I also love having the videos because I see that you have done it so I can too. This program came just when I was overwhelmed with all the stuff my family has and it had to change.
  • My sister will be downsizing to a smaller “empty nest” home so I will definitely let her know about it. I think this program also applies to those moving to a new residence. (I’m kinda looking forward to helping her.) Also, the emphasis on the responsible recycling was an eye-opener for me. Other methods just emphasize throwing stuff out and I didn’t realize how much that bothered me until I went through this program and felt I had more control with my disposal choices. Made me feel better about purging my stuff. I was very surprised with the research and amount of options available for donations listed in this program. Thank you! I have not completed my purge yet because of time and being a single parent, but I’m over-the-moon with my week-end accomplishments. THANKS!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The program is clear and easy to follow. The greatest benefit is that you can go at your own pace. Success is yours if you accomplish each step in order.
  • Your program covers everything that I am looking for. Especially, where to take the stuff you want out of your house that will NOT fill up a landfill.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I love your program(s)! The attention to detail, clarity and simplicity make it the best! You do a phenomenal job! Thank you for everything!
  • AlejandraTV offers high quality content
  • It’s a great program with lots of detail of how to get lots done
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have been a fan of Alejandra for many years and always sing her praises. This SimpLESSity program makes it very simple with a step by step process and showing us what to do. I just finished today all the rooms in my house and I feel so good. Alejandra is the queen of getting rid of clutter now. Thank you.
    —Adriane Davis Taylor
  • The visual aspect of the videos are motivating and easy for anyone to understand. I especially like the intro story to help understand the idea of less and it made me really think about what I need to be happy.
  • I think the program is everything it’s cracked up to be. You give lots of great information in a down-to-earth, friendly format. I feel like I’ve been encouraged by a friend who shares my struggles.
    —Kim from TN
  • Highly likely because your program is a good solid plan which is enriched with both reading information and the visual videos. The Facebook page is invaluable as well.
  • I like the method… sort out what’s important from what isn’t, THEN deal with what remains. Previously I was getting stuck because I didn’t know what to do with something, but SimpLESSity focuses on separation first, THEN responsibly dealing with the excess after. This logical progression works because it keeps narrow focus on the important first step (the separation), before expending further mind power on what to do with something (for me, over-thinking becomes indecision and the undecided and unknown elements are what linger and delay progress). The more items, the greater the potential for overwhelm if the perspective isn’t maintained. Batch decision-making on whether to keep something or not is an easier starting point. The supportive group and well-presented real-life program are very encouraging. Very grateful for this program.
    —Julie K
  • The information provided is very helpful, especially the information on where to recycle things. I didn’t know there are so many places that take recyclables for free. I also enjoyed the videos showing Alejandra and Ed declutter their house. It encouraged me to do the same.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Just like when you are learning anything, it is easier and more fun if you have a guide or friend along for the journey.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Just all around wonderful ideas and program.
  • I have found it very motivating and helpful. The resources you provide help to make the task less daunting. I also love all of the information the program provides for how to dispose of your items responsibly.
    —Jill from Illinois
  • Being ADHD it helps me stay motivated, keeps me on task and being able to access videos while doing the purging and decluttering in that particular room helps me get really critical about everything I keep or toss. The printables are a great resource as well and they are laid out in a colorful, yet calming manner that I actually enjoy using them.
  • Positive experience w/ PPP. Felt really good to see Alejandra’a videos – she is very inspirational & pragmatic.
  • I think the items that we’re really “attached” to, may be one of our top concerns. This program helps us face that issue.
  • I’m a teacher and I think that makes me and many others a hoarder for things that I have extras of (copies, supplies, resources, etc). This semester I was switched to a larger classroom with less closet space. Your program came at a perfect time! I haven’t begun the program at home although I plan to (starting with my desk!), but it has been a god sent for my classroom. I’m starting with small piles and getting rid of anything I’m not using this year.
  • Although I have filled my life with clutter and busy work, I have found that your way of breaking things down to manageable units is the path to success.
  • Your videos have inspired me to start on this journey of having less, which will greatly simplify my life.
  • you help me stay motivated
  • You give people practical advice on how to declutter and where to properly dispose/recycle the unwanted items.
    —Shelley J.
  • It has been a big help to me!
    —Annette P
  • I think the program is so interesting and complete, and the most useful thing for me are the videos. So inspiring. I’m sorry for my writing , i’m from Argentina, so I don’t speak perfect English at all.
  • It is so easy to understand the video and information that goes with them
  • I love Alejandra and her programs! Watching her makes me happy & inspired! The printables are awesome too!
    —Julie B.
  • This program does what is intended! Step by step, from my emotional hold on items to the best way to donate or sell those items.
  • Easy to follow instructions and gives you a chance for a simple life style. The program is working for me.
  • Easy to follow and adapt to how I work to accomplish my personal goals.
    —Denise Q
  • Great program with many benefits
  • Even though I was pretty organized to begin with, both PPP and SimpLESSity have changed the way my home looks&feels and also the way I look at every item that enters my home or calendar. I now have more time to put towards the things that are important to me. It is possible to learn new routines and change the way you do things.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The contribution that the program makes in people’s lives, especially in generating awareness to transform their life, living only with the things they really need and love. In my particular case, I have reaffirmed my thoughts on this subject, thanks to the guidance Alejandra gives us.
    —Norelvis Jouseth
  • The value of the program is more than money can buy. It brings joy and peace of mind.
  • I believe in Alejandra and her method of organizing.
  • I love how simple the program is to work once read through. I love then you can restart at any time. I bought both programs and like them so much. I have fallen off the cleaning and organizing and decluttering because I just had my second son but I’ll be restarting the program soon
    —Becca M
  • It’s a step by step program/processes for people who want to be organized and can’t seem to get it on their own.
  • It was the best thing I ever did. The program motivated me and helped me figure out how to decide what to keep or get rid of. It also helped me to figure out what to do with the things I don’t want. Since I’ve joined back in December, I’ve decluttered and organized so many things. I still have a long way to go but it feels great and I’m still motivated!
  • I like your program. It is easy to understand and follow. You are able to teach your methods while still letting us know that you face the same challenges as the rest of us! You make me feel that progress and excellence are the goals, not perfection.
  • The program focuses and addresses de-cluttering and offers support. Support and focus is what I was looking for. Alejandra answers your questions, she cares, gets us directed right
    —Sherri C
  • Having previous taken the Power Productivity Program I completely trusted Alejandra to bring us a new course of equal value. Although it will take me a while to put the learning into practice due to a health condition I already feel so much better as a visualise how my rooms will look when I have completed this work. When studying the modules it is clear to see that Alejandra has traveled this road and it comes from a completely genuine place. Alejandra is totally inspirational.
    —Susan Pearson
  • I really like all the organization and encouragement. I have not been able to apply this much recently. I had a stroke last fall, and had a heart surgery last week. The past few months have been more than I had ever anticipated…I want to get back on top of things, and hope to soon. I NEED the liberation of getting things cleared out and cleaned up!
    —M. Johanson
  • Great program for getting our lives back together, Together!
  • The program and your calm demeanor have been so wonderful. You take us all where we are and work from there.
  • SIMPLESSITY really works and can help others to get organize from the simplest task to the biggest task. I am currently working on shredding documents, along with organizing my clothes. I have order some of the storage containers for my clothes and we donated 3 bags of clothes to Salvation Army. so far.
  • I think it’s a good program and I would love to have a friend also working through the program as this could be motivating for both of us.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • There is a magic formula here. I have not been able to do everything, but I was able to start and make a plan. I can pick up where I left off. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I am inspired and can’t wait to create the space I already have.
    —Darlene H
  • Excellent program! Love the videos, the handouts, the checklists and the guidance.
  • I love this program and your approach. I think the thing that sets you apart from other programs is that you are supportive no matter where people are in their journey and their end result is up to them— meaning you don’t impose a definition of what uncluttered and organized is. You acknowledge that people have to develop systems and routines that work for them rather than trying to get them all to the same place. There is absolutely no judgement. I have already recommended this program and PPP to my sister who then purchased as well.
  • You are so upbeat AND the entire program makes sense and can be done in bite-size pieces.
  • The Simplessity program has helped me tremendously. I had a lot of clutter in my bedroom that I could not see the floor. I not quite finished decluttering my bedroom but it is much better than it was before and I was able to do it in a short amount of time. I enjoy sleeping and dressing in my bedroom again. I want to thank Alejandra for providing this program for people because it brought up my self-confidence. I still have the bathroom, kitchen and living room to do but I’m taking it one step at a time.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have hated trying to declutter for the past 11yrs when heath changed my life and started to hoard more. I feel like I’m going to a decluttering party with friends. I still have problems letting go of everything,but am using clutter in garden to do a Christmas advent garden and community enjoying and in new year will all go in bin bags and go but now instead of feeling guilry for hoarding feel happy as put smiles on people faces
    —Anxiety squirell
  • Your material is exceptional and complete, the best I have seen.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The program is extremely thorough and offers easy links to wonderful organizing items that Alejandra uses!
    —Kathie B.
  • Everyone is so helpful and I love the workbook. I did get started with giving my grandson several boxes for his 1st home. Now with the holidays upon us I have decided to wait til after Christmas to really dig in. Thanks for all your help.
  • Alejandra is very motivating.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I’ve watched all the videos, am about 2/3 through Decluttering and I am looking forward to the next steps. You are so motivating and are very thorough in your explanations and steps to take to organize.
    —Leslie Rozzi
  • I have organized my office and home by just following your program one step at a time. I have to admit at first it was bit of over overwhelming but in time I was able to get through it.
  • Results I havenjoyed: less stress, more time, freedom, connected to others
  • It has helped me to see everything I have… it’s not really that important to me now that I have simplessity in my life… its a process and I’m trying to give myself credit for what I have achieved- maybe not many things had change to others but for me it has changed my mindset. Time.
    —Zuheil Alvarez Cortes.- Multi Passionate mother of 4
  • The videos were helpful and gave me some ideas about how to organize areas of my home. Alejandra is a fun and conscientious teacher, thanks!
  • Because this is a positive and safe space to work on our challenges with clutter.
    —Lisa from Jonesboro, Ga
  • The program is very thorough and effective.
    —Brenda Campanella
  • Good content and organized in a way that prevents feeling overwhelmed.
  • I love how you separate everything into such great categories and steps! Your positivity makes it fun, if cleaning could ever be considered fun! But it just feels good!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The program was easy to use with lots of written and video support. It has truly changed our lives! We have basically completed the master closet, kitchen, sewing room design and outward surfaces, den files and desk top and drawers. I am now working on purging 49 years of worldwide travel. As one example, I have condensed 35 cruises down to one plastic sleeve for each cruise housed in a 3 ring notebook. Along the way we have discovered precious moments buried in all the stuff. One example is an envelope containing all the letters that I sent my parents the summer I spent as an exchange in Mexico City when I was 15. We are now actively working on all the areas we have completed . It is a real pleasure to walk into the kitchen and be able to open a cabinet or drawer and easily find what we are needing. Just today while talking to my oldest Granddaughter I suggested bringing most of our Christmas ornaments up north this summer so that the grands can divide them up. She thought that it was a great idea and I am now thinking of replacing our “trashed” old tree with a small one or none at all. Thank you for all your inspiration and help!
  • The program is straightforward to follow and navigate through.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I love how you walk us through the steps of getting rid of clutter – asking is this really something I use does it really belong where it is housed. And then ideas of what to do with it if its not. Like recycling places that I never would have thought of for pens which I am a hoarder of and now can recycle the dead ones that no longer work without feeling guilty!
    —Michelle M
  • It’s a good program. And I love the fact that you don’t inundate us with ads and emails for products and services. It’s always quietly in the background but not in our face. It shows your dedication to your team members to truly help them, not fleece them!
  • the videos are great and the print outs have a lot of great information. I enjoy keeping the house straightened up.
  • Great program, practical, wonderful resources
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It is organized, meets us at wherever we are in life. For example if you have a lot of energy and can get it done quickly or like me and have physical challenges, going slowly-the plan absolutely works! The encouragement is wonderful and uplifting!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • “I am feeling so much relieved, when I declutter one corner and then the next one…..
    I am really grateful for this program which helps me to start decluttering!”
  • I believe this is a change all of society needs to make. For the sake of business, consumerism is drilled into people from a young age. No one appreciates what they have and many will choose 10 cheaper things over the 1 expensive purchase they truly want. If this mentality changes we will have fewer garbage mounds floating in the ocean, and a happier, more fulfilled society that appreciates what we have instead of judging others by what they don’t posses. I want peace in my life, and part of reaching that goal is removing the maintenance on items i dont need and love, it’s a waste of my time and that time is better spent with family and friends.
  • Very good videos, motivating and visual material, it got me started on all the clutter and the feeling of donating stuff is really amazing!
    —Irena, Slovenia
  • I know it motivates me & it works.
  • Because the system logically makes sense and it’s very efficient and time saving.
    —Kay Prapaipim
  • Your videos were very helpful for me, very clear, very structured, your colourful way of getting rid of things also made fun doing the same in my house! I finished kitchen, pantry and fridge yet an it feels so much lighter now …. today I will start my office which will be probably the hardest part 🙂
  • I found it extremely helpful to actually watch you go through the process instead of someone just telling me how to do it.
    —Tiffany M.
  • SimpLESSity has motivated me to move items I no longer need or use from our home. I have been watching the videos slowly and working on one area, space, shelf at a time. I have cleared about a trailer load through donations, local charity shops, online selling or gifts to friends.
  • I found your program to be very helpful as you broke the process down into bite sized pieces.
  • Your videos are very inspiring and have helped me organize my home office, kitchen and one of bathrooms so far. The suggested products make sense and add to the simplicity of it all. Thanks Alejandra! See you soon in your next video
    —Mary Francini
  • Love the programs and how everything is put together
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Even though I’ve only just begun with the materials, the program is resonating with me and I feel for the first time I may actually have found something that will help me achieve real results with clutter!!
    —Lisa K
  • Alejandra addresses EVERY SINGLE SCENARIO!
  • I love the way you organise everything, majority of my sorting has been sorted the way you show. Simple but very effective.
    —Surj Bansal
  • Your program get me so excited , and your words are driving me to clean my house every day. It’s been a month, and I am feeling free every single day. Thank you so much, Alejandra and Ed.
  • Detailed information on how to sort, donate, organize, breakdown projects, printable and etc.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It is a well thought out plan with follow up material
  • This program doesn’t place blame on why so much clutter, it doesn’t give unrealistic time frames of when things should get done. I absolutely love this program.
  • Alejandra makes things easy to understand and accept. Even when it comes to the difficult tasks.
  • I find all the information inspiring and supportive. It includes all the things I know I need to do but it’s like having a good friend helping me and my husband through the process. It is money well spent.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • If it helped me, It Will help others!
    —Silvia Llorens
  • I want my loved ones to have the peace of mind that a decluttered home brings. Getting rid of the stuff clears the mind and soul as well!!
  • It’s working for me. Every day I am so happy with the results I have done.
    —Liz T
  • You want people to understand how to use the program. You are consistent in checking in to see if there are any problems. I like your positive attitude.
  • You have a clear and concise way of portraying information.
  • Because it helped me alot
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I love how you have broken things down so it’s not overwhelming. Instructions are simplified & very easy to understand. I like your reminders, but you’re not pushy. You have such a cute personality & always smiling with a calm demeanor. I love watching your videos.
    Now I need to jump in & get busy.
  • Excellent program and support – definitely don’t feel alone in all of this.
    —Alison G
  • This program is so helpful in a number of ways: the education about clutter and how it affects us, the motivation to get started and the great materials provided to show how it’s done (including how to care for the environment in the process), and the gentle nudging along the way to keep us motivated to reach the finish line. I’m still in the process of decluttering, but I keep taking steps forward to reach that light I can now see flickering at the end of the tunnel.
    —Jules Alison
  • The SimpLESSity program is amazing and so was the PPP!!!
  • Your programs have always had terrific core advice yet remained flexible and moldable for all kinds of organizers and you support this and really speak to the different ways people need to deal with their stuff. It’s very comforting. This is something other systems and programs don’t have both in terms of personal connection with the creator and helping people use the system in a personalized way.
    —Joanna R.
  • The program is really easy to navigate and (of course)well organized. Watching the videos is very inspiring. Even if I didn’t think a certain part of my home needed decluttering, I was inspired to take a second look around to see what else i could get rid of or donate.
    —Jenny Chiriac
  • It’s a great program for people who don’t know where to start
  • Your demonstrations are great and show how simple it is once you get started.
  • Before I knew of you, 9 years ago my mother (my best friend) passed away and left me responsible for emptying her 2600 sf home (alone) in order to sell her house. All I wanted to do was curl up and cry but I couldn’t. The house was packed with family memories. I was overwhelmed by grief and stuff. I managed to hang onto as much as I could squeeze into our little house which soon became overrun with cluttered. I was forced to sell or give away many family memories. After I sold her home, when it came to purging the clutter in my own home, I would get very depressed, whether it was purging my mothers stuff or mine. I needed help. I found your site on youtube a couple years ago and loved your simple organizing ideas, attention to detail and cheerful personality. You put a smile back on my face and helped me realize theres a way to get through it all. I have already put many of your organizing suggestions into action all over my house and they have helped reduce the stress immensely.
  • The program covers everything! I’m pretty organized and declutter often but the reading material alone, especially the appendices, are worth the money.
  • The program is so very practical and works. Your steps are realistic and end up making sense even though at the start (for example) I thought, I don’t need a sign for everything when I am sorting stuff. But as I have gone along, I have found having those categories writ large – seems to allow your brain to focus on the task. I love the courses – because its like having you in the room with me helping me.
  • You really get into the reasons why people are holding onto things that they don’t need to be. That background is essential.
  • I needed the motivation and guidance to get this started! I’m a perfectionist and procrastinator this program helps me to keep it all in perspective. Amen. I could never figure out where and how to begin and when it all gets to overwhelming to think about it I’d just put it off until I had the time to do it perfectly. Vicious circle
  • Your programs are very informative, the way you explain things is always in very thorough, understandable terms.
  • The program is a very effective one. It’s packed with useful information and was reasonably priced. I love Alejandra and look forward to all of her videos, blogs, etc.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • The program address clutter and how to safely remove items you don’t need or use. You also addressed obstacles to decluttering which was helpful. It also changed how I think on future purchases.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It’s a great program and very helpful , I already feel less clutter in my house .. also I am big into recycling and the knowledge where to recycle items is so helpful.
    —Lisa K
  • It is all very inspiring information and works well with the PPP. I am very pleased!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • You are very inspiring. The email sent out yesterday was great. Your passion to help us is very evident.
  • SimpLESSity is an inspiring program to watch on video, the research you did helps everyone know where to start in donating and selling the items we declutter. To dispose of the clutter responsibly is what I enjoy doing.
  • So many reasons I recommend SimpLESSity: Very thorough, very much information on how to recycle responsibly, great ideas on what to keep and what to de-clutter, and Alejandra’s friendly, easy-going, fun manner.
  • It is such an organized way to follow through with decluttering, I know a lot of people who need the help.
  • To me the program is easy to understand. Its been helping me. I have been able to do some cleaning, which feels better. I still have a long way to go, but I am confident that things will get better. Hopefully , I won’t get discouraged along the way.
  • Clear direction and process.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I think your processes are well thought out and work.
  • I am a mother of 4, a registered nurse who is very busy. I love all your programs, and have done for yrs. I have been watching the videos, I have pics of what I have gotten rid of. I am just too busy to make it to the Facebook site. I work full time, but I use all the wisdom you have taught me over the yrs. your story is beautiful, I too agree when my home is decluttered I will have more time to spend for what is really important.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • This program is what I really needed before PPP; is a program to live in as well as PPP; to have a GOOD LIFE, HOME SWEET HOME! =SimpLESSity
  • You are such a good motivator. I feel that for the PPP program to work, you need this program. You can not organize clutter.
  • The positivity, support and understanding that you get and can give to others through a safe fb group. The layout of the programme and the printable material that you can use as you wish too.
  • Watching the videos has been helpful to really grasp the idea of getting rid of things. I like hearing someone think out loud when deciding whether to keep something or not. Also I find the videos inspiring and really get me motivated to clear out s cupboard.
  • The videos content may help even the most organized person.
    —C. Nogueira
  • I have viewed some of the videos and they are so easy to follow.
  • The program is very informative and feels personal, like you know exactly what we are going through, everything is explained thoroughly and visually with video’s
  • Alejandra makes me think of decluttering from different perspectives and, from so many different perspectives that it is certain to speak to everyone. Very motivating!
  • The whole approach to the organizing method is based on reality not a scenario. It should be of value for anyone that needs to declutter.
    —Cynthia Lavon
  • Very up-beat!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • curriculum is very easily applied for success.
  • I’ve only read a few chapters and watched a few videos, but I’m ready to get started decluttering….but I know I have to wait. And, although I haven’t yet offered comments besides LIKE on the FACEBOOK page, I find that I’m in good company with all the other group members’ stories. They make me feel like I’m not alone with my cluttered house.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have taken the ppp and am familiar with your programs. I still have much to do on the new program but am already enjoying it. I also love the fb group so we can motivate each other.
  • Primary reason for me to refer SimpLESSity to friends and family is that I am inspired by your encouraging words, your kindness, honesty concerning decluttering. Your words of “feeling light” triggered my emotions to feel in control and light w/out clutter. Although not my not being at home much of the time, I am STILL DECLUTTERING!!!!
  • The easy read of the program, vital information, and colorful print outs.
  • The program is well thought out and practical. Even though I haven’t had a chance to really get started I’m seeing many enthusiastic posts from the FB group.
    I also felt that the content; video, charts, etc, is a good value for the price.
  • This program has really helped me focus ! For me I am finding that printing out the sorting categories was huge. I used to have piles to sort into but found I always had to stop and think “now is this pile to go to another room or is it specific to one person”. With printed out signs decluttering is going much faster. Just some very simple things have helped get me moving !! Just listening to your videos gives me so much incentive to purge, purge, purge !!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Ease of use. The ability to see how others tackle their barriers, knowing you are not alone.
    —Beach girl
  • Your step by step approach has helped me start the process of simplifying my home of 34 years. I raised two children here and have all too much stuff. I have a few friends in the same boat who I think could use this approach. These are the only friends I feel comfortable having visit without the mad dash to put the clutter in bags and boxes to stash out of sight, making the situation worse. The feeling of being overwhelmed has kept me frozen, not knowing where to start and what to do with my stuff. Your appendix listing where to best donate and recycle things is invaluable. It may take a long time but I feel I know where and how to start.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I like the fact that you made ignore easy to understand and went step by step with the program. I am a perfectionist and sometimes did not even want to start.
  • It’s a great program!
    —Kim C.
  • This is such useful information.
  • I’ve already told people about your organizing videos and although I am only a few videos in on SimpLESSity, I know that I’m sure to learn more. My very first project (before SimpLESSity) was making a warranty binder. Shared it with my mom and she made one. Showed my friends and they were so impressed. So I can’t wait to see what I can learn from this program!
  • Motivation and techniques. Accessibility.
    —Susy RG
  • It is working for me. I gave away some pots and pans and have been able to organize the remainder. I have also decided to reduce the total number of plates I have. I would be futher along but I took a break and went to Florida for a few days.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Between books at one end of the spectrum & professional assistance at the other this is the only product I’m aware of in the middle. I think this meets a need for more help than a book can provide & I really appreciate that.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have purchased your power of productivity program and absolutely loved it! I love your down to earth style:). The emails keep me motivated.(which I really need)
  • While the vast majority of the program seems common sense, most people Stuck in “clutterville” can’t see their way out unless someone helps them step by step. This is a step by step program that can and will help those ready to follow through.
  • It is very well thought out and thorough, as well as helpful. I can’t wait to start, I just finished reading through the materials and watching the videos for both programs. 🙂
  • It is very motivating to watch someone go thru the process
  • I thought the video’s were superb! I haven’t read the material as of yet as I will be starting to de-clutter on January 2nd. I loved the video’s…a lot of great information as to the process and later where I can donate my items responsibly (which was a huge concern for me)…most of the items are either new or still have value. I want to read the material as well but, haven’t had the time during the busy Christmas season. I will be reading the material on January 1st. I love that I can watch the video’s again to gain inspiration as I start my de-cluttering journey on January 2nd. Your program is wonderful…I wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂
  • I love everything Alejandra puts together!
  • What I recognise as the system’s clear understanding of the reasons for accumulating and retaining unnecessary clutter and practical suggestions to help deal with the difficulties of ‘letting go’.
  • Lot of first hand experience from you, creator. Also, the program makes total sense and is the nudge, along with guidance and motivation, needed to live SimpLESSity. Wish I had this program before Power of Productivity so I organized LESS. Either way, both programs compliment the other but this is truly “just what I need” I have always been very organized. I just needed less. THANK YOU for this/these program(s). I really appreciated all videos, very motivating, along with printed materials and support/FB group. You and Ed are appreciated.
  • Program makes sense
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Because of your formula of sharing and showing how to tidy things up and organize. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Even a busy person like me can dwell on a picture in their spare time. The time commitment is minimal and yet if we can envision something, we can think on how we could have the same. Even when we are asleep our brain will work on it. Eventually our actions will co-inside with that inward goal. So though I haven’t completed a course that you’ve laid out, I can still benefit from what I briefly see and hear from your courses. In other words any help I get in this area of disorganization in my life is worth it.
  • I think this program is very well done, full of information and inspirations, and I’m really happy about it. But most of the people I know don’t understand English very well, so I can’t really refer it to friends or family members.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Worked on the previous programme and it helped me greatly . Still working through the new programme but I am researching and reading about disregarding . Everyday I read or look at a article from you Alejandra I feel I have if required a mentor at hand .i try and adapt your your ideas on storage but this new programme will help me declutter . Why do I want this . I want order , calm in my life. I want to be comfortable and proud of my home . I would love to share and teach others . Most of all it is for me to make me happy . Thank you it’s been Christmas so the most busy period so time as been very limited to fully getting into the programme
  • It works!!!!!!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I think that the way you explain the how to’s is very easy and I am a visual person I like the videos over all and I wish you would do a series of videos about how to organize a basement( the room with husbands tools/ back up of household items not used on regular basis and craft room items)
    —Myriam Mu-Ni
  • The cost of the program may be a little above some peoples budget. However, I would say you are a bright and an extremely good model to follow. I love your follow-up emails, because I get off track with holidays and you consistently get me back to my goals to declutter. I am hoping with your help to get a room decluttered and to use as my “dream” room!
  • I love it, I just am so busy that I have to take it at a slower pace than it is offered. No problem, I just save my emails and work with it.
  • I am enjoying the product. I was overwhelmed by the holiday and hope to start decluttering soon
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have told all my friends and family about the program. Unfortunately are the ones who need it the most the one least interested. Probably because they are not ready – some tips to make them ready will be great!
  • I did the productivity class and still refer back to it. Alejandra seems to be the only one who speaks my language. I’m Excited to see how I do with decluttering and simplifying.
    —Kathryn Kertz
  • I’ve only had time to watch some videos so far so It’s early days for me.
    Looking forward to make more progress 🙂
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I know so many people who need it! I’ve already told a few friends about it.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I feel your videos have a great impact for decluttering but I think most people who have a hoarding tendency cannot get rid of so much at once and it may freak them out. For me-I loved it because any kind of decluttering big or small is good!
  • Because I have already told friends to do the programme!
  • Most folks who need to simplify need help and encouragement that SimpLESSity offers.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I am on page 67 and have watched her closet and his and sorting. It has really made sense. I was on vacation for 2.5 months Jan 2 to March 10. So when we got home I had a 37 ft RV to unload. CHRISTMAS tree and decor to take care of. So I used your knowledge and scaled down Christmas. Two bins instead of three! My mix will get first debs and then out .
    —Shelley M.
  • Don’t like to impose my opinion on others but the program was great inspiration to me .
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Because it works!
    —Joanne B.
  • I like your open and honest approach
  • I have already mentioned it to others.
  • Because I love looking at all your previous videos on storage ideas…but haven’t gotten around to doing the decluttering program…even though I have brought both programs…I am a hands on a hard copy kind of gal..so I need to down load and print off before I can start…but I’ve been busy with two jobs and my family /home commitments so haven’t had a chance to even have a minute to do that. Sorry I’m pretty sure your programs both of them are fabulous ..
    —Maria Pit (Australia)
  • Someone has to be open to start this kind of movement. It isn’t for anyone. If this one are ready, than I think I will be extremely likely to refer SimpLESSity.
  • You and Ed are really nice. I love watching your Videos, the Videos on youtube as well and I love the Facebook group to help and motivate each other. And I really like you and Ed
  • I put 10 for the most likely but I didn’t see a scale. This is a great program.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Hello Alejandra, I know that the program will be wonderful. Coming at the busiest time (in many ways!) of the year, I have not had time to go through it, but I plan to in the VERY near future. I can’t wait to get to it. I always love your ideas so I know I will like it. Sincerely, Nanci
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Dear Alejandra, I am from Germany, so forgive my mistakes. I consumed all of your free videos in YouTube and for me they all were an inspiration for changing my own systems and make them even better. Because we are from different countries, it is so interesting for me to see other products and this often gives me new ideas!I am an organized person, but whenever life gets too busy and a bit exhausting, because I am self-employed like you, I am a Mom, a wife, we have dogs and so on, then sometimes I struggle with some parts of my life. And this is normally my paper work in my business. You have to know, that I am a therapist and paperwork is the one and only part with which I struggle sometimes. Because I don’t love to do paperwork, I tend to push away my tags as long as possible. So when you brought out your last programme it felt right for me to buy your programme, because I love your videos and they motivate me to bring me back on track. Which is good of course. Also it felt right that you earn some money with me because I watched all your free videos so often….:) And I was struggling once again with my paperwork. I hope one day I will be at the point where I will not longer allow piles to build up! The programme SimpLESSity is very interesting and it is bringing a lot of interesting background knowledge as well. Like always you show in logical and easy steps how to go forward. Thank you Alejandra for your wonderful work and greetings for Ed also from Germany.
  • In the beginning I just watched Alejandra’s videos in YouTube, but very soon I realized that I can use her tips and organize our house we were moving to:)Than I did hear about your program and decide to invest! So far I’m happy with it and have good results.Im a bit overwhelmed from time to time, but than another new email arrives in my email box and makes me feel better or I’m going to FB supporting group and check how others deal with same step/ problem I’m strangling with( sorry for my English mistakes- English is not my first language:) )
  • I like how encouraging Alejandra is.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Alejandra, you strike me as genuine and relatable. Your program format is easy to follow, and your PPP has helped me in the past. I think everyone can benefit from SimpLESSity, and would enjoy your videos, the process, and the results.
    —=D Maggie
  • It helped me so very much. My daily habits changed tremendously. I don‘t feel overwhelmed anymore.
  • Alejandra’s enthusiasm is contagious!!!! She’s so brilliant!!!! She’s truly a “rock star ” in the field of organization! Her attitude is that we’re all in this together—- no judgement or one upmanship going on here. Her advice is practical and sound….. she lets you be you——- she doesn’t put people into cookie cutter molds…. If they are truly resistant to some aspect that is recommended, she’s quick to pick up on that, and adapt to their needs without any negativity whatsoever. She’s just super-sweet and wise.
  • It’s a terrific comprehensive program
  • —Denise

  • I’ve always looked for something like this to help me stay focused.
  • It gives you an orderly way to begin and proceed with decluttering. In the past other methods just said do it. Simplessity shows you how as well as gives written plans and checklist.
    —Linda S
  • It made my life more organized and I am less overwhelmed
  • This is such a welcoming and nonjudgmental approach to decluttering and simplifying.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Everyone should have a plan and your programs are very well planned
  • I love your program! It gave me the why, and how to get started plus the resources for what and where to get the supplies needed and where and what to donate/recycle. I started mid January, and it is still a work in progress and I’m learning a lot about how to use space and an easier way of living. For that, I appreciate you and your program.
    —Brenda W.
  • I really think that the program has the ability to really help people in the areas of clutter. It is not difficult and they actually do the process along with you which I think can help people who may be facing some ‘stumbling blocks’ to starting.
  • It’s the only program that I have had a success in
  • I was amazed at how good I felt after decluttering! I’ve told everyone who will listen!
  • This program is awesome and it explains a lot.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • SimpLESSity and PPP deliver on their promises when it comes to de-cluttering, organizing, and time management. It’s an excellent investment for people who are serious about restoring order to their lives and reclaiming joy in their daily design.
  • I like the way you explain things step by step on the videos to go through things and get rid of them.—E Davis
  • You offer a very easy to follow plan. It all depends on how committed we are to make a difference
  • Great advice that makes sense. Easy to follow. Alejandra makes you feel like a friend.
  • It’s a complete program. Just read it and do it!
  • I learned about the cycle I was in of buying to make myself happy. I learned that each thing I bought required care that I was getting more overwhelmed by. The cycle did end after 4 truckloads went to the donation centers. I am saving more money and having better relationships with my family because I am less overwhelmed and not shopping to make myself happy. I am finding other ways to better myself and my home now.
  • The program was simple to follow and provided a lot of great resources for recycling materials I didn’t need, use, and love any longer. Watching Alejandra go through her own house was inspiring and motivated me to live more simply.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • It is a very well thought out program and it is so helpful to watch you do it. I cannot make decisions as fast as you do on some things though. It is very helpful to have the resources available where we can get rid of stuff. You have put a lot of time and research into this program for us! Thank You! I also turned up more projects but I feel so like a bird being let out of a cage.
  • I think the step by step approach is what appeals to me most with videos and reading to helps me understand what to do, in what order.
  • I find all your tips and advice are amazing and not crazy expensive
  • It has started to help me in so many ways and I hope it will do the same to others; with the expectation to see a clutter-free and more organized world.
  • I love the programme and the system of thinking. Now I have many new ways how I can look at my home, my things and the way I want to live. The programme brought me many great tips. It is very inspirational and helpfull!
  • I particularly like the lists of how and where most objects can be sold, donated, or discarded/recycled. It makes ‘letting go’ so much easier and rewarding.
    —Lucie L

  • I think it’s a great program. We are moving soon and it has helped a lot with what to keep and what goes. I’ve had some family health issues so I haven’t been able to continue yet. Will get back into cleaning out house soon.
  • Easy of use helps to keep focused by providing step by step techniques to resolve issues and overcome roadblocks
  • It’s a very good program!
    I like that you go through each area of your living space, show the process, are specific, & provided helpful tools.
  • Easy to follow; great video examples! You can check back if you get stuck. Supportive Facebook community.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I am more motivated to declutter after seeing the videos.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I have not yet started SimpLESSity but I have almost finished the PPP. I found you on YouTube and most everything you said resonated with me. We have similar mentalities and organizing styles so I wanted to hear your perspectives on decluttering as well as organizing.
  • I have already recommended this to friends and family! My best friend purchased the program as well, and she loves it also! I love this program so much, because what I really needed was to simplify my life, and I feel so much lighter now that I have begun to do that. Thanks Alejandra and Ed!
  • after only one month I can see a lot of results
  • SimpLESSity is filled with so much easy to use and helpful information it’s unbelievable! The second I got it I was ready to go go go but I took Alejandra’s advice and went through the program first and learned so much helpful things that I wouldn’t have known/done without this program. It’s been 30 days and I am now on the last bedroom in our house (have completed 2 others) and it’s been such a simple process Thanks to Alejandra. She gives so much advice on how to get rid of your things and where to take it. 110% recommend! Completely worth the price.
  • This program is the first program I have finished as instructed. I watched all the videos, read all the course work and after 1.5 years finally finished my bathroom declutter. Your program inspires me to live with less and has helped me learn about my local recycling programs – we have so many and I’m trying to be minimalist in all aspects of my life and dispose of the things I can’t avoid (packaging etc) more responsibly. I live in Australia so things work a little different here (zero waste is not really an option right now in my area), but your program is so easy to apply to my country and systems.

    I feel in control and despite having overwhelming moments, the feeling of freedom when I see space in my cupboards and drawers – it’s truly a gift. I’m on my way to having the life I’ve aspired to but didn’t think I could attain. Thank you.

  • I have found the downloads to be very helpful and useful.
  • I have already recommended to some friends and family who might not be in as much need of these programs as I am. I have been very impressed with materials and the guidance. It is a lot to go through, but the plan makes so much sense. Declutter first, plan & set goals, then organize. I have had to rush a few things due to some deadlines but the good spaces in my life now are my favorite so I want to figure out how to get them in the other rooms. I can’t live in my nice well organized closet. 🙂
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • Program is extremely thorough and the attention to detail is amazing.
    —Tonya H.
  • I have read many decluttering & organizing books and I feel more passion & specific direction on this subject coming from you & your material/videos than I have anyone else. I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked yet on the reading due to uncertainty at work since being acquired by an out-of-state company. Lots more stress and focus on my job lately. I most likely would not have purchased the program if I hadn’t watched the free videos. That is where I saw your personality for this shine through. You are very likeable.
  • I like the step by step features like how to prepare, what is needed to complete the project, and allowing enough time to get through without feeling rushed.
  • I haven’t taken advantage of everything yet and I’m slow to start but I researched this a lot before buying and I liked what I saw and I have not been disappointed so far and am looking forward to getting my life in order.
  • I love that the program is structured, because the more detail and instruction the better! I also love the emphasis on recycling and the recycling guide. I have had items in the past that I wanted to get rid of, but they didn’t go anywhere because I had no idea where to send them. I was so excited to find about fabric recycling, because I hate to throw clothing in the trash when it isn’t in good enough shape to go to Goodwill.
  • I already have shared it with my dental hygienist.
  • I did learn a lot and I have seen so many steps done.
  • It’s so easy to understand.
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • I’m not very far into the program and already feel lighter. I feel like there’s hope and I can change the mindset and behaviors that led me to stockpile items in my home. Thanks, Alejandra!!
  • No other program has made me more eager to get rid of so much stuff that I wasn’t even using. I’ve never felt so good, light and free. I can’t wait to go through things now. I’m loving this clutter-free life so much. I’m in such control now. My husband didn’t think I needed to spend money on a program to help de-clutter. However, after going through the program, I have a different mindset than I ever did before. I’ve gotten rid of so much stuff in the last 30 days that my husband now believes it was worth every penny. I can’t wait to finish de-cluttering so I can start the organizing program. Thank you Alejandra for a wonderful life-changing program!
  • The information is excellent. I appreciate the videos being of your own journey. They are friendly, motivational, and encouraging. In sharing your story, it makes the rest of us feel less vulnerable to share ours. The Facebook page is also inspirational. Thank you!
  • It provides a lot of information that can be referenced to help with how to tackle clutter, dispose, and just make sense of the mess!! It’s structured in a way that can fit the best way for me to dig in and get rid of stuff and really evaluate underlying reasons for accumulating and remembering a simple life can be so much more fulfilling!! I have a long way to go but the small areas I have started already have made such a big difference and I can’t wait to keep going. It may be the most life changing thing I do and I am so thankful!!
    —SimpLESSity Member
  • With SimpLESSity I feel like decluttering my home has become a journey. And, being a part of the private Facebook page makes it not only fun but you’re doing it with others. Sounds weird but it’s motivating, encouraging, enjoyable and attainable because you see so many other people just like you going through the exact same thing. You’re not all alone. You’re part of a positive movement with others and it’s wonderful!
  • I have always struggled with organization and these ideas were simple, inexpensive and inspiring. I feel that huge load off my shoulders that I did not realize was so bad until I used this program and it has taken away I lot of stress and allowing me to enjoy my home even more.
  • I love everything about it. We are very similar in the way we think and feel about this subject. As I have gotten older I’ve get more overwhelmed by all my “stuff” and clutter. So this program has been very inspiring and motivating.
    —Debbie Haslett
  • I have always been very sentimentally attached to things, be it something that belonged to a relative who is no long alive or even something like a note from my mom that she left on my lunch box each morning when I was in school. I always held on to diaries, books that I’d been intending to read for about a decade but never have… the list goes on. And then I’d see pictures of beautiful homes in magazines and wish I lived in a home like that. We are moving to very first home, a place that will be built and ready for move-in in just a few months and that really made me want to get rid of all the things I don’t want in our new home. I want just the essentials and things I absolutely love. When I would try to de-clutter, I would always find a reason for keeping things… many of which you mention in your program as excuses or reasons for why most people hang on to things. I randomly stumbled upon your youtube channel and absolutely loved the way you explain things. There’s a clear reason behind everything you do. I was very hesitant to sign up for your program due to the price (especially when converted to Canadian dollars) but luckily a girl on youtube did a review on Simplessity and that was enough to convince me that it’s worth giving your program a shot. I genuinely appreciate all the work you have put into this and for sharing it with us – instead of having to hire you to personally come to our homes to deal with our issues. The fact that there is reading material *as well as* videos is such a brilliant idea, as the videos really help reinforce and drill in what you explained in the readings. I am a visual learner, so being able to see how you apply what you wrote is of great help. Also, it’s really nice to be able to play your videos in the background as I work on de-cluttering my spaces. What also makes me love your program is how well you put in perspective the fact that items that are not being used are so much better off being given to people who will use them and appreciate them. The information on all the various things that can be donated was a tremendous help too, including the ideas on what items can be recycled or re-purposed. I just really wanted to thank you for doing all the work and finding all this information and putting it all together in an easy to reference way. It’s of huge help too that the membership is for life so the content can be referenced any time down the road when we need it. Also, a huge thank-you for sharing your passion for organizing and de-cluttering. You seem to genuinely enjoy teaching this information and sharing your knowledge 🙂
    —Petra N
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