I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

Label Your Organizing Systems With
Alejandra's Printable Photo Labels

400+ Labels in Five Categories


Make labeling your organizing systems easier and more fun with photo labels! Instantly download and print 400+ Photo Labels designed by Alejandra. As seen on HGTV’s Clean Freaks.


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What’s included in the photo labels?

Here’s exactly what’s included:

  • Over 400+ downloadable photo labels in English for use in your home, classroom, or with clients (professional organizers) organizing systems.
  • Five (5) categories of labels (School, Toys, Sports Gear, Bathroom/Makeup/Linen, and Arts & Crafts).
  • Labels are sorted alphabetically to make it easier and faster to find the correct label.
  • Photo labels are business card sized (2″ x 3.5″).
  • Step-by-step detailed instructions on how to download and print the photo labels (it’s super simple).
  • Lifetime updates of future photo labels (every time I update the files, you’ll receive ALL of the updates too).
  • Unlimited downloads of photo labels.

Photo Labels by Alejandra

Who were these photo labels created for?

Alejandra’s photo labels were created for:

  • Labeling kids spaces such as the toy room, arts & crafts, school supplies, and sports gear.
  • Kids of all ages (readers and non-readers).
  • Parents who want to teach kids to be organized (in a fun way) by labeling systems to enforce where things belong.
  • Creative individuals who prefer to label their organizing systems with photos instead of text.
  • Teachers to use in their classrooms to enforce organization amongst students.
  • Professional Organizers who want to use photo labels in their clients spaces without all of the work of creating them.

What can I label with these photo labels?

Here’s what you can label:

  • Label bins, baskets, and containers to teach kids where to put things back.
  • Stick them on books and binders to label accordingly.
  • Add them to shelves, walls, and drawers so nobody can use the excuse “but I didn’t know where it belongs!”
  • Use them around the classroom in cubbies and desks to teach students where things should go.
  • Play a matching game by sticking one photo label to the bottom of the shelf and one photo label to a bin. When a bin is removed, it’s simple for your child to understand where to put it back by finding the matching photo label on the shelf of where it belongs.

Are the labels easy to download and print?

Yes! I’ve already done all of the hard and tedious work for you! All of the labels have already been sized, formatted, and are ready to be printed. The labels can be printed from your printer on normal computer paper or on a certain type of paper I recommend (I give you the exact type of paper I recommend in the instructions. It’s no more expensive than normal computer paper). If you want your photo labels to be “laminated” in a “pocket protector” as I recommend, the instructions include where to buy the protectors at the best price.

Once I purchase the labels, what happens next?

Once you purchase your photo labels, you’ll automatically receive instant access to your online account where you can download your labels and instructions for printing and using. Once you purchase the labels, you’ll have unlimited downloads.

Your online account never expires which means you’ll have access to your labels forever. That said, no need to rush and print them immediately!


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