I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

Meet Alejandra

Hi! I'm your coach, Alejandra.

And if you're seeking a more organized life, then I'm overjoyed we finally found each other! I've been helping people learn how to declutter and get organized for the past 10+ years (though I've been practicing my entire life!). I am also a certified life coach so I can help you dig deeper into the root causes of your clutter.

What makes me come alive is helping people actualize their goals, specifically in the areas of decluttering and organizing.

I believe all the answers are already inside us. Sometimes we just need help finding the path back to our own inner wisdom. Think of me as your guide for helping you rediscover your most organized self that already exists!

Alejandra's global community

Over the past decade, our community has grown to include members in 132 countries who are decluttering and getting organized. Both men and women. Kids or no kids. People of all ages and life stages.

I'm grateful to have shared my organizing expertise on national television shows such as Today and Good Morning America who called me "The Decluttering Queen" and HGTV which selected me as 1 of the 5 "Most Organized People in America".

I'm also grateful to have had the opportunity to share my organizing expertise in magazines (Woman's Day, GoodHouseKeeping, Redbook, Family Circle, Parents Magazine), in newspapers (The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Times), on television (Good Morning America, Today, Inside Edition), through YouTube videos (95+ million video views), at live events, over the phone, in-person, and through my step-by-step training programs (SimpLESSity & the Power Productivity Program).

Good Morning America visits Alejandra's home for an organized tour!

Have I always been organized?

Well, yes and no. As a child, I was always seeking comfort, safety, and control as I often felt powerless and out-of-control.

At school, I was always a slow visual learner in a fast-paced auditory classroom resulting in B-/C+ grades. With classmates and friends, I was always the shy, timid, and not-so-popular computer girl who was scared to speak up out of fear of being ridiculed. Likewise, I spent much of my middle school days being teased for my big nose. With sports, I was always the shortest, weakest, and slowest, last picked team member who was always put in the back of the field. And with family, I always felt like the lesser of the two compared to my older sister who was always smarter, stronger, and more balanced.

Alejandra Childhood Organizing

I found my comfort, safety, and control in organizing physical belongings.

From about age 12, I would re-arrange my color-coded bedroom almost monthly. I'd re-organize my craft bin under my bed regularly. I'd line up the shoes in my closet. My desk was neat and tidy at the young age of 8. I used to sort my school supplies and Beanie Babies® on my bed "just for fun." I enjoyed sorting my crayons and markers in rainbow order and found peace in categorizing my Halloween candy. I would re-organize the toys in the playroom while babysitting after the kids went to bed. And if you asked my parents, they'd tell you I organized the pantry after grocery shopping most Sunday nights.

But it didn't stop there. In college, at Virginia Tech, my dorm room was neat and tidy (hallmates would tell you I stayed home on Friday night "just to clean and organize"), my school work was well-organized, and when I lived in an apartment with roommates, I quickly became "the organized roommate" with trackers & planners, constantly re-arranging the fridge and common areas.

But then the "tornado" would hit...

I wasn't organized all the time. There were times when life seemed to have come crashing down (from school events or relationship problems).

Strong, invisible, negative emotions would "magically" turn on and consume me. When this happened, I would do nothing but dwell on the negative while abandoning all organizing routines which resulted in clutter sprawled all over my bedroom floor as if a tornado hit.

It wasn't until the mess became so uncomfortable that I was motivated enough to take action and get back on track (organize the mess). The vicious all-or-nothing cycle (messy / organized) can be difficult to break-free from without the right tools, systems, and strategies.

I spent much of my younger life unconscious of my emotions and disconnected from the events that would trigger them.

My need for comfort, safety, and control continued in my 20s as I transitioned from college to adulthood, moved to my first apartment, entered into my first real romantic relationship (with my now-husband, Ed), and started a rather stressful corporate job as an IT consultant. Thus, I became realllllly good at perfecting my organizing skills and systems as an outlet for finding strength when I felt weak.

Starting a business & finding my passion.

It was the end of 2007 when I realized I had a real knack for organizing. After all, my whole life I'd been building "my organizing muscle!" I had finally found something I was good at, that I loved to do, that other people needed, and that I could use to make a difference in the world. It was a couple months later that Ed and I decided to start our organizing business which would forever impact our lives and the lives were reaching.

While it's been a wild journey, it was through becoming an entrepreneur that I began challenging old belief systems, addressing my fears, becoming aware of my emotions, and stepping outside my comfort zone as there is no "being comfortable" when you start a business and want to succeed.

I found my inspiration for healing old pain through countless self-development books, learning from several coaches, attending events and meetings with like-minded friends, and through my supportive and faithful husband, Ed.

Along the way of unlearning old patterns and tirelessly working to sustain our business, I eventually discovered my true passion in life. While I am passionate about organizing and creating order, my real passion lies in helping the members of our community take action and live up to their potential. Feeling another person's energy come alive when they achieve a goal is so fulfilling. While I continue to heal myself of old wounds, I continue to help heal other people's pain with clutter (both physical and mental). I'll be doing this work for the rest of my life.

Making sense of life.

Looking back on my younger self, I now realize I used to seek comfort and control when I felt anxious and fearful of everyday life. The act of organizing my environment kept me safe and connected to myself. At the same time, I realized my heart wasn't fully open and I didn't present my best self to the world unless I felt comfortable, safe, and in control of myself and my environment.

It's like my heart was locked and the only time it would unlock was when everything in life was perfect and organized.

While it's vital to control your environment to make life easier and more productive, the key is to balance this need with what's more important in any given moment. For example, you get home from work and discover the house is a wreck from your spouse and kids. In this moment, you can either focus on the clutter and unconsciously react with anger as if your efforts don't matter, or you can choose to temporarily overlook the mess and focus on your loved ones that you haven't seen all day. How you choose to react is based on what you value more in that particular moment.

Moving forward, stronger.

I'm still very organized! I'm now more grounded and conscious of my emotions. I do my best to always keep my heart open and present my authentic self to the world. Likewise, I strive to keep things simple, embrace uncertainty, and let go of the constant need to feel comfortable, safe, and in control. In fact, I've discovered that the best things in life are found outside our comfort zones! At the same time, I've learned that the best things in life aren't things! They are people and experiences (and best when combined!). Ironically, these are the two areas I avoided the most for nearly 25 years.

While I'll always love to create order, I now see organization as a way to create a calm, peaceful, and productive environment that makes life easier so you can focus on what matters most – family, fun, health, faith/spirituality, personal growth, community, and career.

Clutter steals your focus from what matters most.

Some people numb their pain through the distractions of TV, social media, shopping and accumulating, mindless entertainment, or destructive behavior. For me, it was through organizing objects. While I don't advocate self-medicating through distraction (instead, address the root problem).

I'm grateful my need for comfort, safety, and control led me to organizing at a young age which helped me discover my life mission of helping others thrive.

When I'm not teaching and coaching...

I'm naturally introverted and a curious person. I love seeking truth in deep conversations, being in nature alone or with family & friends, meditating, good food & wine, volunteering, exploring the world with minimal items in a backpack, laughing with loved ones, the stillness of watching animals, and reading books on human potential.

My husband and I live in the Virginia countryside with our red toy poodle, Mojo.

If you need help finding peace at home, I hope you'll stick around because I would love to help you rediscover your beautiful, most organized self!

Discover the biggest obstacle holding you back and a powerful strategy to break the pattern so you can:

  • Get Unstuck, Make Progress, & See Results
  • End the Guilt & Shame
  • Feel Calm, Focused & On Top of Things

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