I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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About Us

What is Alejandra.tv®?

Alejandra.tv® is a home organizing training company that provides video-based training programs, courses, and tools for home, office, and personal organization. We also provide product recommendations to help you select proven solutions, and avoid wasting time and money on products that will end up as clutter.

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Account Help

How do I Make a Payment?

First login to your Alejandra.tv® account.

Next select the My Account tab.

Then select the My Orders option.

Select Pay Now, which appears next to any outstanding charges.

How do I Login to My Account?

You can login to access all of the products and programs you’ve purchased at:

Alejandra.tv® account

What if I’m Having Trouble Logging in to My Account?

If you’re having trouble logging in or accessing your account, and you’re using Internet Explorer, please try using another web browser like Firefox or Chrome.

If you’ve already tried using using a different browser and you’re still having trouble accessing your account contact us.

How do I Update My Credit Card?

First, login to your Alejandra.tv® account.

Then select the My Account tab.

Next, select My Billing Information.

Finally, select Add Credit Card.

From there you can enter a new credit card.

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What is the Difference Between SimpLESSity® and the Power Productivity Program®?

SimpLESSity is my complete decluttering program that teaches you how to effectively simplify your home by permanently letting go of items you no longer use, need, and love so you can eliminate distractions and overwhelm. As a result, you’ll feel light & liberated with more time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. SimpLESSity is an in-depth program that will teach you how to easily let go of items you once cherished and what to do with it all by making responsible decisions.

The Power Productivity Program (PPP) is my complete organizing program that teaches you how to get (and stay) organized by setting up effective systems for the items you do use, need, and love. As a result, you’ll feel a sense of order, in control, and on top of things. It includes identifying your root cause of disorganization, figuring out your organizing style, effective time management habits and how to setup/use a to-do list, setting up effective organizing systems using my 5-step process, and implementing consistent routines and maintenance. While the PPP does touch on getting rid of things (decluttering) at a high level, it does not discuss decluttering in depth like SimpLESSity does.

If your goal is to get organized, decluttering is the first step. The second step is setting up effective organizing systems for everything that remains (the things you use, need, and love). When you combine the two (decluttering and then organizing), you’ll see the best results and discover life is easier, simpler, and more effective.

Does SimpLESSity® Work for People with ADHD?

The program is not designed to treat ADD/ADHD, nor does it address all the needs of those with ADD/ADHD. We are unfortunately unable to make any guarantees regarding the effectiveness of the program for those with ADD/ADHD. However, we do offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Does SimpLESSity® Work for Hoarders?

SimpLESSity was not developed to meet the needs of hoarders. If you feel like you need additional help to overcome hoarding tendencies, then we urge you to find a professional who specializes in this area. We recommend you checkout these resources from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

From there you can find helpful literature and find a professional organizer educated by the ICD to help you.

I Don’t Live in the United States. Can I Still Join SimpLESSity®?

Yes, you are welcome to join the program no matter where you live! Since the program is all online, you get instant access to all the materials. You will also have lifetime access so you can use it anytime from any computer on which you have internet access. The only item that is specific to the United States is the 31-page A-to-Z guide on how to responsibly get rid of your clutter. Although the resources listed focus on U.S.-based locations/organizations, the concepts will still provide you a reference to help you determine an appropriate option in your country.

How Much Does SimpLESSity® Cost in My Currency?

Although SimpLESSity is listed in US dollars, you can join using a credit, debit, or gift card from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. The bank that issued your card handles the currency conversion according to the terms for the card agreement and the currency conversion rates when you join. You can search for currency conversion tools online.

Do you Offer a Payment Plan?

Yes, we offer payment plans that break the cost of the program into monthly payments. You can select a payment plan from the shopping cart during checkout.

Does Anything Get Shipped to me?

No, we do not ship anything. All of our training and products are available in your online account. From there you can print them yourself or have your local print shop print them for you.

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

Our system is setup to accept credit, debit, and gift cards from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You can also use pre-paid cards from these card brands. Your bank may be able to offer them to you or direct you to where you can obtain one.

If you do use a pre-paid card, please make sure you follow the directions for registering the card to ensure the card issuing bank has your billing information to verify and approve the online order.

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What is TeamOrganize™?

TeamOrganize is a membership community that’s uniquely structured to help you get organized through frequent ‘work-along’ organizing sessions. With pre-set times to meet, a format for focusing & staying on task, accessible & qualified support from expert coaches, and an encouraging community, you’ll discover why this surprising method is helping 1000+ people clear the clutter (even when they feel overwhelmed & unmotivated) and how you can start seeing results today no matter how many times you’ve tried in the past!

Learn more about TeamOrganize™.

What tasks can I bring to TeamOrganize™ sessions?

Here are some tasks you could work on during our “Bring Your Own Task” sessions:

Sort: Stacks of mail, piles of papers, art / schoolwork, family photos, piles of clothes, boxes of stuff, letters / cards, miscellaneous piles, items to sell/donate

Declutter: Dining room table, countertops, banker’s boxes, sheets & towels, garage / attic, digital photos*, digital apps*, email inbox*, storage unit(s), basement, outgrown clothes, books / magazines, notebooks / journals, inherited house(s)

Organize: File cabinets, craft supplies, office supplies, junk drawers, closets & dressers, cabinets, under beds, toys / kids rooms, computer files*, computer bookmarks*, computer desktop*, computer hard-drives, taxes, memorabilia

Routines: Laundry, wash dishes, clean bathroom, clean fridge, clean car*, clean purse*, dust / vacuum, meal plan / prep, yardwork, maintenance, plan / prepare*, update to-do lists*

*tasks you can do while traveling

Learn more about TeamOrganize™.

Do I have to be on camera during TeamOrganize™ sessions?

While we encourage you to be on video (because it’s inspiring to see all of us working together!), it’s not required. If you prefer to remain private, you can join via audio-only. Some members enable a virtual background. You’ll also have an option to change your name once you join.

Learn more about TeamOrganize™.

Do I have to join all TeamOrganize™ sessions?

No. Once you register, you’ll have access to all sessions. However, you can join whichever sessions fit your schedule! You’ll also receive access to all replays for sessions you can’t make. Likewise, you can join / disconnect as your schedule permits.

Learn more about TeamOrganize™.

I’m organized. Do I need TeamOrganize™?

Only you can answer! But our hope is that TeamOrganize will help you consistently maintain all of your lovely organizing systems! I’ve mastered organizing myself but I know that even the most organized people have messes. It’s part of being human and happens when there are competing priorities. TeamOrganize makes it fun to get organized alongside others, no matter where you are in your journey!

Learn more about TeamOrganize™.

How do I change my renewal frequency?

If you want to change the renewal frequency for your TeamOrganize membership, you can do so within 7 days of joining by replying to our emails.

After the first 7 days of joining a monthly plan, you can switch your monthly plan to a semi-annual plan at your next renewal date (next month).

After the first 7 days of joining a semi-annual plan, you can switch your semi-annual plan to a monthly plan at your next renewal date (in 6 months).

All plans can be cancelled within 7 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you decide TeamOrganize isn’t right for you, simply cancel your membership within 7 days of joining to receive a full refund. No questions asked. Just reply to our emails. After the first 7 days, cancelling your membership will stop future renewals. However, your request must be received at least two full business days in advance of your renewal date to allow enough time for processing.

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