Success Stories
Michelle, California

[Power Productivity Program Member] Michelle’s New Nice And Tidy World Has Reduced Her Stress & Anxiety! !

“Alejandra has given me the tools to change my life forever. The Power Productivity Program is an amazing way to […]

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Kathy, Florida

[Power Productivity Program Member] Kathy Is Getting Past Her Mental And Physical Clutter

“I enrolled in the Power Productivity Program because I am always looking for better, smarter ways to stay organized and […]

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Brenda, Tennesse

[Power Productivity Program Member] Brenda Is Accomplishing More Than She Ever Thought She Could

“We just purchased a home and are in the process of building a kennel to breed Labradors for wounded warriors. […]

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Renee - CA

[Power Productivity Program Member] Renee Stays On Track Throughout Each Day

“I enrolled in the Power Productivity Program because I felt as if I were running on an organizing gerbil wheel. […]

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Katie - MN

[Power Productivity Program Member] Katie Is Making Her Dreams A Reality

“I first started out by watching Alejandra’s free organizing videos. That definitely allowed motivation and desire to make a positive […]

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Reem - Egypt

[Power Productivity Program Member] Reem Manages Her Time More Effectively

“This is really one program that helps. If you really feel you are ready to change, this will no doubt […]

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Stina - Sweden

Stina Is Maintaining Her Organized Room And School Supplies

“I’m a seventeen year old girl who still lives with her parents in our quite un-organized home. I started watching […]

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Mickey - NH

[Power Productivity Program Member] Mickey Now Tracks The Projects That Have Been Floating Around In Her Head

“I have been organized in a disorganized way my whole adult life, which, to put it another way, means that […]

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Maria - PA

[Power Productivity Program Member] Maria Solves Problems In A New Way

“I happened upon Alejandra because I was looking for organizing tips. I was looking for a solution to organizing a […]

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