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Success Stories

Maria, Florida

[Power Productivity Program Member] Maria Is Organized And Stress Free

“I joined the PPP because I wanted to learn everything about organizing. I love all the video’s Alejandra has done and I wanted to learn more. The program is well worth doing because you learn so much about how to change from having a messy, stressful way of living to an organized stress free way […]

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Kim, Oregon

[Power Productivity Program Member] Kim’s Organized Home Gives Her More Time For Friends And Family

“I joined Alejandra’s Power Productivity Program because I wanted to get my home back in order. I used to be organized, but after an autoimmune illness that left me resting or sleeping all of the time for four years it was like I forgot. I couldn’t get started. We moved into a new house four […]

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[Power Productivity Program Member] Adriane Has Become More Productive Than Ever!

[Power Productivity Program Member] Adriane Is More Productive Than Ever!

“Wow! Alejandra breaks it down so it is easy to understand and to action. I am a very organized person and I learned lots. EVERYONE can benefit from the Power Productivity Program. I have changed a few things that I have always done and I am way more productive and organized. I even taught my […]

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Patti, Oregon

[Power Productivity Program Member] Patti Now Has Peace Of Mind And Something To Look Forward To Everyday!

“I enrolled in the Productivity Program because I was frustrated and at a dead end to understand why all the other organizing plans I had done never worked for me, and I was drawn to this program because it looked useful and Fun! If you want to work with the program you will succeed! Alejandra […]

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Michelle, California

[Power Productivity Program Member] Michelle’s New Nice And Tidy World Has Reduced Her Stress & Anxiety! !

“Alejandra has given me the tools to change my life forever. The Power Productivity Program is an amazing way to learn to get the clutter out of your life and gain control again. I can’t thank her enough for this program, it gives you the tools you need to get started, finish and maintain change […]

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Kathy, Florida

[Power Productivity Program Member] Kathy Is Getting Past Her Mental And Physical Clutter

“I enrolled in the Power Productivity Program because I am always looking for better, smarter ways to stay organized and I liked Alejandra’s cheerful and encouraging presentations. You are never too old or too young to invest in yourself in order to gain knowledge of how to organize your home and your life. The member’s […]

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Brenda, Tennesse

[Power Productivity Program Member] Brenda Is Accomplishing More Than She Ever Thought She Could

“We just purchased a home and are in the process of building a kennel to breed Labradors for wounded warriors. Our home is in the process of a complete remodel which has been an overwhelming but joyful experience. We needed a road map to get to where we want to be. If someone was considering […]

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Renee - CA

[Power Productivity Program Member] Renee Stays On Track Throughout Each Day

“I enrolled in the Power Productivity Program because I felt as if I were running on an organizing gerbil wheel. I would get my home organized (office room especially) and then before I knew it I was (almost) back to square one. I would put things in piles hoping to figure out where they should […]

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Katie - MN

[Power Productivity Program Member] Katie Is Making Her Dreams A Reality

“I first started out by watching Alejandra’s free organizing videos. That definitely allowed motivation and desire to make a positive change come into my life. I feel like the desire was there, but the tools and the knowledge to create a lasting change were the missing puzzle pieces. I then enrolled in Alejandra’s Power Productivity […]

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