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3 Easy Things To Do Tonight To Feel More Organized Tomorrow!

If you’re on this site, it’s because you’ve realized that clutter (either mental, physical, or both) is preventing you from achieving super-hero status. Okay, so maybe super-hero status isn’t your goal. Maybe you’d simply like to know that your life isn’t spinning out of control. But when your to-do lists aren’t getting done, the mail is stacked in piles on the counter tops and the laundry is strewn across the living room, it’s easy to feel like you’re surviving each day instead of living them.

Most people are uncomfortable admitting to the pain their disorganization is causing. Some people don’t even realize that clutter is the culprit behind much of their stress. But you have obviously recognized a problem. And if the thought of another crazy morning and hectic day is keeping you awake at night, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. I’ll show you how to take into account every aspect of your style (and lifestyle) and then provide you with all the tools you need to successfully get organized, stay organized, and live your best life.



[VIDEO]: How to Track Your Workout Routine

In this video I share with you how to track your workout routine plus what I keep in my gym bag.

Click here to see my exercise tracker!

Click here to see a list of the perfectly round seasonal stickers I use!

Hope you enjoy the video!

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[VIDEO]: Cheap Storage Ideas – Dollar Store Haul

Getting organized doesn’t have to be expensive! Instead, you can find organizational solutions with any budget. In this video I show you all of the cheap storage ideas I found while shopping on my Dollar Store Haul!! Hope you enjoy the video!

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[VIDEO] – How to Organize the Coat Closet or Front Closet

In this video I show you how to organize the coat closet or front closet so everything (jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, umbrellas) are accessible and easy to find in time for fall and winter!

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Power Productivity Program by Alejandra.tv

In this video I give you a preview of my complete organizing program, the Power Productivity Program which shows you step-by-step, on video how to get organized and stay organized so you can live a more productive life.

Click here to learn more about the Power Productivity Program.

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[Power Productivity Program Member] Maria Is Organized And Stress Free

Maria, Florida

Maria, Florida

“I joined the PPP because I wanted to learn everything about organizing. I love all the video’s Alejandra has done and I wanted to learn more.

The program is well worth doing because you learn so much about how to change from having a messy, stressful way of living to an organized stress free way of living.

I have learned strategies on how to minimize the work of being organized. For example, doing little things every day like wiping down the bathroom work top. Doing the dishes straight after dinner. Everything having a home. I don’t have to worry about anyone dropping in anymore because the house isn’t a mess.”

Maria, Florida

Click HERE to learn more about the Power Productivity Program

If you’re already a member, you can go to the Power Productivity Program login page.



Setting up a Home Office on a Budget

USNMoneyIf you’re setting up a home office for the very first time, here is an article Alejandra worked on with U.S. News: Money on starting out with the bare essentials!

Read the article here: 3 Ways to Save on Your Home Office



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