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In this video I give you a preview of my complete organizing program, the Power Productivity Program which shows you step-by-step, on video how to get organized and stay organized so you can live a more productive life.

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Setting up a Home Office on a Budget

USNMoneyIf you’re setting up a home office for the very first time, here is an article Alejandra worked on with U.S. News: Money on starting out with the bare essentials!

Read the article here: 3 Ways to Save on Your Home Office



[VIDEO]: Organization Tips

In this video I show you my favorite organization tips that are fast and easy to implement at home! And the best part about getting organized is how you feel afterwards, you feel more productive, more efficient, and less stressed out :) I hope you enjoy the video!

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[VIDEO]: How to Store Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands

In this video I show you how to store rainbow loom rubber bands so everything stays neat and organized in a case that won’t spill when dropped and can be flexible to accommodate your system!

This is the Rainbow Loom Organizer I showed in the video:

I hope you enjoy the video!



Our Back-to-School Organizing Giveaway Winners Are…

Congratulations to our four winners! Each winner will receive my Photo Labels & Back-to-School Checklists plus a $100 Store More Card to The Container Store to help you prepare for an ORGANIZED school year!

Here are our winners chosen at random (all winners have already been contacted and confirmed):

    1. Caroline W. from Henrico, Virginia
    2. Beth C. from Manteca, California
    3. Jeanna W. from Livonia, Michigan
    4. Patti S. from Galesburg, Illinois

Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway! And a big THANK YOU to The Container Store for generously providing the Store More Cards! Stay tuned for more FUN giveaways in the future :)



[Power Productivity Program Member] Kim’s Organized Home Gives Her More Time For Friends And Family

Kim, Oregon

Kim, Oregon

“I joined Alejandra’s Power Productivity Program because I wanted to get my home back in order. I used to be organized, but after an autoimmune illness that left me resting or sleeping all of the time for four years it was like I forgot. I couldn’t get started. We moved into a new house four years ago and I wasn’t able to unpack – my husband did all of it. This house has never felt quite like home because it isn’t set up the way I would do it (my poor husband was just trying to get all of the boxes unpacked, organizing any of the rooms wasn’t on his radar). Because of this everything was disorganized, I couldn’t find anything, nothing was easy to see or easy to get to and all of the “stuff” just kept getting piled higher and higher. I would walk into a room with the intention of re-organizing it, get overwhelmed, and walk back out again!

Buying Alejandra’s program was exactly the right thing to do. It not only helped me remember how to be organized, it took my organization to a whole new level! It only took me a month to tackle my laundry room, garage, work out room/husband’s office and my office. And I turned a messy unused office into a music room for my girls! Everything is so pretty! And so functional! Every time I go into any of these areas it just makes me so happy! I feel like I can breathe! And I can find things! I am so much more relaxed and finally feel in control plus I’m a productive member of the household again! Plus, I have more time for friends and family and I’m exercising every day!

If you are thinking about joining Alejandra’s program, I say: Buy it! It’s a sixty day guarantee! In sixty days you can change your whole perspective on your life! Look, if you’re reading this testimonial, you want help. How great would it feel to completely re-organize your worst three rooms – and be able to say that YOU did it? Plus, you’ll have a blueprint to tackle ANY organizational issue that you ever encounter! I couldn’t be happier and I tell everyone that’s willing to listen how fabulous this program is. I LOOK FORWARD to the next room I’m going to organize and I get EXCITED! How awesome is that?!?”

Kim, Oregon

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[VIDEO]: How to Pack Travel Documents

In this video I show you an easy and safe way to pack a travel documents for traveling!

This is the product I mentioned in the video: Indestructible Envelope For Travel Documents

I hope you enjoy the video!

Read more…



[Power Productivity Program Member] Adriane Is More Productive Than Ever!

Adriane, Delaware

Adriane, Delaware

“Wow! Alejandra breaks it down so it is easy to understand and to action. I am a very organized person and I learned lots. EVERYONE can benefit from the Power Productivity Program. I have changed a few things that I have always done and I am way more productive and organized. I even taught my husband a few things to become more organized and productive and he has thanked me for it. I thank Alejandra.

You should definitely change your life and invest in Alejandra’s program. You will be so proud of yourself and your friends will be envious of how productive and organized you are. You must make this investment.

Since getting organized I have less stress. Everything has a home. I keep it neat and tidy all of the time. There is no going back to “I’ll get to that” because I just do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.”

Adriane, Delaware

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If you’re already a member, you can go to the Power Productivity Program login page.



Creative Organizing with Tension Rods!

Apartment_Therapy_logoTension rods aren’t just for curtains any more. Learn how Alejandra and other experts are thinking outside the box in Apartment Therapy’s article 15 Uses for Tension Rods You’ve Never Thought of. Alejandra’s tip number is 16.



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