Setting up a Home Office on a Budget

If you’re setting up a home office for the very first time, here is an article Alejandra worked on with […]

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Creative Organizing with Tension Rods!

Tension rods aren’t just for curtains any more. Learn how Alejandra and other experts are thinking outside the box in […]

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Alejandra’s Kitchen De-cluttering Tip Featured on Lifehacker!

Keep your paper towels off of your kitchen counter and out of site with Alejandra’s super easy Hidden Paper Towel […]

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Alejandra’s Moving Tips Featured on

Help make your next move a breeze with some quirky tips from Alejandra’s Moving Legend is #4 on their […]

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Alejandra Gives Tips To A Luxuriously Organized Bathroom in The Southern Illinoisan

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your bathroom feel more luxurious. In the article, “Be luxurious for […]

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Alejandra Shares Her Passion For Kitchen Organizing With Northern Virginia Magazine

Organizing the kitchen and pantry has been a life-long passion of Alejandra’s. She shared her story with Northern Virginia Magazine […]

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Good Housekeeping

Organization Tips For The Living Room

Keeping the living room organized minimizes the stress of having unexpected house guests. It can also lead to entertaining more […]

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Alejandra’s Decluttering Tips Featured on

The holidays can be a stressful and chaotic time of year. Clutter only makes things worse. assembled some of […]

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Mashable Includes Alejandra’s YouTube Channel In “Get Organized” List

Mashable recently included Alejandra’s YouTube channel, HomeOrganizing, in a list of five channels to watch if you want to get […]

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