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Nobody Ever Regretted Getting Organized

Nobody Ever Regretted Getting Organized

If you’re planning to get organized this weekend (but you’re secretly dreading the project), just remember, nobody ever regretted organizing […]

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Only Keep Your House As Organized As You'd Like The Unexpected House Guest To See It.

The Unexpected House Guest

One way to get motivation to organize the house is to prepare for the unexpected house guest (even if they […]

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Buying Another Storage Bin Won't Work Unless You Do

Buying Another Storage Bin Won’t Work Unless YOU Do.

How many times have you been psyched that you found the cutest little set of bins?  So you buy them, […]

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Stop Cleaning Up ONLY When Company Comes Over

If you’re guilty of ONLY cleaning up when guests visit, this quote is for YOU! “Stop cleaning up ONLY when […]

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Don't Start Project B... Until You Finish Project A

Don’t Start Project B… Until You Finish Project A

“Don’t start project B… until you finish project A.” In other words, if you want to stop having “half finished” […]

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It's Always Messy

It’s Always Messy Before It’s Organized

“It’s always messy before it’s organized!” ….meaning, when you are organizing, stuff is EVERYWHERE…. but then it’s organized and you […]

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Only Keep Shoes That Fit Perfectly

“If the shoe doesn’t fit perfectly like Cinderella’s, set it free!” Here’s what this means: if you have shoes that: […]

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That One Shirt You Never Wear

“If you said “no” to wearing a certain shirt today, you’ll probably say no to wearing that shirt tomorrow, next […]

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All It Takes is 3 Minutes

Can 3 minutes really change your day?  Lets take a look at your already busy morning. Does this sound familiar […]

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This Could Be Your Closet

This Could Be Your Closet One Month From Today

Thursday Thoughts on Organizing! “This could be YOUR closet 1 month from TODAY.” … and I’m NOT talking about the […]

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If You Made Time To Take It Out

If You Made Time To Take It Out, Make Time To Put It Back

Thursday Thoughts on Organizing!! “If you MADE time to take it out, MAKE time to put it back.” This applies […]

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About That “Misc” Label You Have…

Thursday Thoughts on Organizing – “If something is labeled “MISC,” you’re doing it wrong. It’s like saying, “I can’t decide […]

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Taking Advantage of NOW

This week’s “Thursday Thoughts on Organizing” focuses on the mindset of getting organized (or the lack thereof). I’m going to […]

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Wanna Know the Secret to Getting Organized?

Thursday Thoughts on Organizing! “You want to know the secret to getting organized? You.” “You want to know the secret […]

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Organizing Is Really Just a Game of Tetris

Thursday Thoughts on Organizing! “Organizing is really just one big game of Tetris!” (it’s also like doing a reallllllly big […]

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