I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize a Beach or Pool Bag

Here are some easy tips on how to organize your beach bag or pool bag:

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I’m Alejandra Costello, creative organizing expert from Color-Coded Organizing. We’re here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I’m going to show you how to organize your pool bag. So I have my favorite bag here and I love this bag because I love the colors. It just reminds me of a summer day and I also love how big it is.

How to Organize a Beach or Pool Bag

So the first thing I have is my beach towels. The next things I have are magazines and my books. I love to keep them in Ziploc bags so the pages don’t get wet if it gets splashed on or what have you by a beach towel. These are made by Ziploc. This is the large size. It also comes in small, medium, or extra large.

These are my favorite cosmetics bags. I love these bags because of the bright colors and they also have a really nice zipper. It just zips really nice. So inside the large size, I keep all of my electronics like my cell phone and then I have my iPod as well. And then in the medium size, I keep all the snacks that I bring to the pool or the beach like the granola bar and I have lemonade mix to put inside the water.

And then in the small pocket, I keep money, quarters, my ID, my credit card because I think you might need if you want to go for a massage. And then in the side pocket of the bag, I have all of my sunblock so I carry SPF4 and I have SPF30. So I use both of them. It just depends on how tan I want to get or if it’s like hot out.

And then I have my Face Block and then I have my ChapStick. Wet Ones so in case your hands are all sticky from the sand or the saltwater. And then I carry a hat if I don’t want the sun to get in my face and then my sunglasses. And then the last thing is a beach ball. So in case you want to play catch in the water or in the pool.

So that’s everything I have. I’m off to the beach.


    Alejandra Costello
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