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How to Organize a Deep Kitchen Drawer

I keep all of my food storage containers organized inside a large deep drawer in my kitchen.

Tips for Organizing a Deep Kitchen Drawer - Use Drawer Dividers

Tips for Organizing a Deep Kitchen Drawer – Use Drawer Dividers

What you want to do when you have a deep drawer space like this is break it up into smaller sections using tall drawer dividers. This prevents things from floating all around the drawer.

In this deep kitchen drawer I created three organized sections with dividers. I organized all of my food storage bottoms together and all the lids together in each section. Everything is stacked on top of each other, so when I need something I come in this drawer, grab exactly what ever size container I need, close the drawer and it’s very easy and frustration free!

You can see more of my organized deep kitchen drawer along with other kitchen organizing tips in my home tour video here: Most Organized Home in America (Part 2)

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