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What is this Program?

SimpLESSity is my online video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, HOW to completely declutter your home so you can eliminate distractions & overwhelm and have more time and freedom for what matters most in life – our relationships & experiences.

It includes everything you need to know, do, and understand to make progress and fast decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of so you can simplify your home from the overwhelming clutter that’s holding you back from feeling good.

SimpLESSity is a practical approach to making life at home MORE SIMPLE with LESS STUFF.


This program isn’t about setting up organizing systems. It’s about intentionally living with less stuff by responsibly letting go of the physical belongings that no longer serve you so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Not only is SimpLESSity about making life at home simpler (by having less clutter), it’s also about seeing clutter as little opportunities to effectively help others in need. And while you’re helping someone else (giving to others in need), you help yourself in return (by making your life easier with less clutter), which leads to increased happiness.

At the same time, this program focuses on responsibly getting rid of things. I show you how to properly get rid of clutter and what to do with it all so it’s either easily sold, given away to the best organization possible, returned, reused, recycled properly, or safely disposed to minimize the impact of sending everything straight to the landfill. Because there is a better way to get rid of clutter than throwing it directly in the trash, or quickly tossing it all in one bag and conveniently dropping it off at the nearest organization that may not even accept the items you may be donating (and it’s easy to do that, especially when you’re overwhelmed with clutter and decision fatigue!).

SimpLESSity gives you all of the training and tools you need to finally declutter your entire house so life at home can be more calm & peaceful and less chaotic!

This program is for people who

  • Feel completely overwhelmed and paralyzed by the amount of “stuff” they own lurking in each space, closet, cabinet, drawer, and shelf and just can’t seem to get started or stay focused or motivated (I’ll show you WHERE & HOW to easily start AND finish!).
  • Are exhausted from all of the ongoing maintenance of owning so much stuff and are ready to finally simplify their home with the goal of making life at home a LOT easier and more manageable.
  • Have an entire house filled with clutter that needs to be addressed one room and one item at a time.
  • Have inherited an entire home filled with stuff and need detailed resources on what to do with the things they won’t be keeping (included is a 31-page A-Z chart on how to responsibly get rid of everything you don’t need with national (United States) resources listed and linked!).
  • Have accumulated things for years and are ready to finally let go of unnecessary items and experience the joy of owning less stuff (yes, there is a joy to experience when you own less stuff!).
  • Have finally come to the realization that “less really is more” and are ready to lighten their load (I’ll walk you through room by room how to effectively do this!).
  • Are buying duplicates of items they already have because they just can’t seem to find things when they’re needed (the cost of buying something twice can be less painful than the frustration of searching for something lost or difficult to access).
  • Can’t seem to fully focus on things at home because clutter has completely taken control.
  • Are tired of losing things and wasting their limited time endlessly searching for stuff they just can’t seem find due to the volume of physical possessions owned.
  • Have intentionally decided that life is easier with less stuff and want a structured process to follow to see the project through to completion.
  • Are tired of arguing over clutter with their spouse/kids and are ready to create a peaceful environment at home.
  • Want to get organized but first need to declutter their home (it’s ineffective to organize clutter, the first step is decluttering, THEN organizing).
  • Feel guilt or shame about their clutter and want to change their ways so they can be a better role model for their children.
  • Feel embarrassed to have company over or when guests show up unexpectedly.
  • Feel “stuck” and don’t know where or how to get “unstuck” (it’s all about starting small when you feel stuck. Together we’ll start with baby steps and keep it simple!).
  • Want to learn from a professional organizing expert with proven solutions to avoid making common mistakes, but can’t afford the hourly rate of hiring someone to come to their home.
  • Are visual learners who learn best by watching and modelling an expert’s processes through videos and documented training.
  • Constantly feel stressed out but don’t know how to change their habits with clutter (we’ll talk about all the reasons why we accumulate clutter and how to prevent it from building up again by slowly changing our old ways!).
  • Have tried to declutter in the past but quickly stopped because it was too emotional or overwhelming.
  • Have the confidence they can declutter their own home but just need a jump-start back on track.
  • Are downsizing their home and need some hand-holding to get through the tough and emotional life event.
  • Are now empty-nesters and need direction on how to let go of things they once used but no longer need.
  • Have a desire to learn how to responsibly declutter their home (while being mindful of giving to others and the environment) but don’t want to sit for hours learning and researching the proper places to donate or recycle (I’ll teach you how to responsibly get rid of everything in your home, including the hard stuff!).
  • Never learned how to declutter at a young age and now, as an adult, struggle with overwhelming piles and stacks that continue to grow higher and higher (I learned effective habits from my mother and father as a child and would love to teach you my simple process!).
  • Aren’t sleeping at night because clutter has taken control of every area of their life (together I’ll show you how to get back on track so you can get back to a full night’s sleep again waking up refreshed and energized each morning).
  • Are struggling with clutter which is affecting their health, relationships, work, finances, and overall well-being.
  • Know they have too much stuff, but just can’t get motivated to get started.
  • Are finally ready for a drastic change in life and want to be shown “how” every step of the way!

Here’s what I will SHOW you in this program

  • How to effectively declutter your home (top to bottom) with an easy, clear, and simple process that can be used in any space of the house, at work, or in the car.
  • Where (and how) to easily get started with decluttering so you’ll see fast results and begin feeling better than how you feel right now (which builds momentum and makes it easier to continue).
  • How to quickly make decisions (using my decision guide) and move past any of your objections to getting rid of things (“but I might need it one day!”). We’ll walk through all 42 objections you’ll likely experience as you begin decluttering your home!
  • We’ll talk about the things to consider getting rid of in each space of your home (I break it down into 6 checklists. When you’re decluttering, it’s easy to move through a space fast and quickly overlook items. These six checklists were creatively designed to get you thinking about every single item you may own and why you may not subconsciously use them or love them.)
  • The 4 big categories that hold us back from getting rid of anything (the reason why you can’t let go is due to one of these four categories).
  • I’ll teach you all about the benefits of simplifying your home and intentionally living with less physical belongings. Once you see this list (and begin to experience it for yourself), you’ll wonder why you’ve been holding onto so much stuff for years! (I did this program as I wrote it and I will NEVER go back to owning the amount of stuff I once owned).
  • You’ll learn the 16 reasons why we accumulate possessions that fill our homes (many of which we may not even be aware we’re doing that results in more clutter).
  • I’ll teach you 24 simple strategies for preventing clutter from entering your home again! It’s easy to fill a bag of stuff to get rid of but if we don’t change our habits going forward, clutter will build up all over again.
  • How to responsibly get rid of (e.g., sell, donate, or recycle) any item inside your home using my 31-page alphabetized chart that is super organized and has 143 national resources (with active links) across the United States! (And if you find a household item missing from the chart, send us an email, and I will personally find a national (United States) resource for you, if one is available!).
  • I’ll give you creative resources on where to donate specific items around your home, regardless of what country you live in (In two of the videos we drive around together in my car dropping-off donations!).
  • I’ll teach you how to effectively itemize your donations for tax purposes, where to keep this list, and what to do with it when tax time rolls around!
  • We’ll talk about the real purpose of our belongings. Do your items belong or are they just fitting in? We’ll also discuss what our belongings are not about.
  • I’ll teach you everything I know about recycling common items around our home (and the various recycling programs that exist!) with the goal of reducing our waste stream thereby contributing less to our local landfill. We’ll discuss the negative impacts of improperly recycling items (did you know you can’t recycle grocery store plastic bags in your standard household recycling bin? Plastic bags are a completely different type of “plastic.” We’ll discuss fascinating stuff like this that isn’t talked about often!).
  • I’ll give you 11 creative ideas for clutter-free gift giving so you aren’t contributing to your friends’ and families’ clutter level 🙂
  • I’ll teach you how to have a successful yard sale with my 8-page detailed process (should you choose to have a yard sale!).
  • I’ll teach you how to easily sell things online while giving you vetted resources. I’ll also teach you my process for how to create compelling online ads that will get your clutter sold fast (if that’s the right option for you).
  • I’ll share with you how my life became completely overwhelming and how simplifying everything (and making life easier again) was the solution to getting back on track and thriving again. Anybody can move past an overwhelming time in their life. I am no different or any more special than YOU!
  • We’ll talk about the joy of giving and how to look at your physical possessions in a new light while considering others who are less fortunate.
  • You’ll experience the liberating feeling of letting go of clutter. A freeing feeling like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Maybe it’s a feeling you don’t even know exists. Regardless, it’s an amazing feeling that can only be felt when you actually let go. And I’ll show you how.
  • And much, much, more!

Here’s Exactly What’s Included

When you join SimpLESSity you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to access your online account where you’ll have lifetime access to the videos, training materials, and printables. With your lifetime access you’ll be able to reuse the program over and over again, whenever you like, and wherever you have internet access (or download for offline access). You’ll also receive lifetime updates to the program so you’ll always have the latest version (at no extra charge!). 

150+ Pages of Training Material

  • 150+ pages of my exact step-by-step decluttering process to simplify your home.
  • Extremely easy-to-follow and filled with process guides, photos, graphics, colored charts, tables, and bulleted lists making the concepts simple to grasp and understand!
  • I walk you through my complete decluttering process from getting started to permanently removing your unwanted items out of your home – for good.
  • Content is organized in a way that is super simple to learn (I’m not a big reader so we made this as easy as we could to consume!)
  • Includes my complete detailed process fully documented for you to always have and reference in the future!

28 Videos (7+ Hours of Training!)

  • You’ll receive 28 videos that walk you through the SimpLESSity process every step of the way.
  • 7+ hours of realistic video training. If you’ve ever sat down and gone through every single item inside your home, you know it’s a long process. This program is an accurate representation of how long the decluttering process actually takes! And if you begin to feel discouraged when you start decluttering your own home, use the videos as background inspiration to help you reach completion!
  • Videos are organized by space, so if you don’t need to declutter your office, simply skip the three “Simplify Your Office” videos.
  • Together we’ll declutter and simplify (on camera; talking through the process) my closet, my husband’s closet, the bathroom, the office, the kitchen, the linen closet, the coat closet, pet stuff, the media closet (all the dreaded wires and cables!), and books and games.
  • Two of the videos include packing the car and forever getting rid of our unwanted items! Together we’ll drive around town making donations and responsibly recycling all sorts of things that no longer serve us!
  • In the videos you’ll watch my husband and me get rid of 800+ pounds of clutter while only sending less than 1% directly to our local landfill. Everything else was sold, donated, or responsibly recycled or disposed!

9 Printable Checklists for Simplifying

  • Included are 9 printable checklists for simplifying your home (these checklists are not available for purchase anywhere outside this program).
  • All printables have type-able fields which means you can type into your checklists before printing (or just save it on the computer for continual reuse).
  • I explain step-by-step on video how to use each printable. Likewise, in the reading, you’ll see clear icons when it’s time to take action and use a printable.
  • Printable formats include: Letter and A4.

31-Page A-Z Chart on Where to Sell, Donate, & Responsibly Recycle Your Clutter

  • Included you’ll receive access to my 31-page A-Z chart on where to sell, donate, and responsibly recycle your unwanted clutter!
  • Chart is extremely organized with 143 national (United States) resources on where to sell, donate, and recycle household items. However, if you live outside the U.S., you can still use the chart as a guide for making decisions. The program also includes more “generic” lists & ideas for how to responsibly get rid of your clutter which applies to anyone inside or outside the U.S.
  • All resources listed have clickable links.
  • This chart alone will save you countless hours of researching where to sell, donate, or recycle items as it took our team over 1 year to fully create!
  • Included in the 31-page download is a “Lightbulb Identification Guide” which teaches you how to visually identify each type of lightbulb you may own and how to safely and properly dispose of them (many contain gas and mercury and cannot be tossed into our household trash can).

Access to Private Facebook Group

As a bonus, when you join SimpLESSity, you’ll get access to our private, invite-only Facebook group where you can discuss your decluttering journey with other members of the program, find support (and help others) overcome challenges, find an accountability buddy, post (and view) photos of everything you’re letting go, and celebrate your success with members while also celebrating the success of others!

NOTE: Joining this bonus group is completely optional and not required if you prefer to remain private or aren’t a Facebook user.


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What’s the Difference Between Simplessity & the Power Productivity Program (PPP)?

Decluttering vs. Organizing

SimpLESSity is my complete decluttering program that teaches you how to effectively simplify your home by permanently letting go of items you no longer use, need, and love so you can eliminate distractions and overwhelm. As a result, you’ll feel light & liberated with more time to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. SimpLESSity is an in-depth program that will teach you how to easily let go of items you once cherished and what to do with it all by making responsible decisions.

The Power Productivity Program (PPP) is my complete organizing program that teaches you how to get (and stay) organized by setting up effective systems for the items you do use, need, and love. As a result, you’ll feel a sense of order, in control, and on top of things. It includes identifying your root cause of disorganization, figuring out your organizing style, effective time management habits and how to setup/use a to-do list, setting up effective organizing systems using my 5-step process, and implementing consistent routines and maintenance. While the PPP does touch on getting rid of things (decluttering) at a high level, it does not discuss decluttering in depth like SimpLESSity does. Click here to learn more about my Power Productivity Program.

If your goal is to get organized, decluttering is the first step. The second step is setting up effective organizing systems for everything that remains (the things you use, need, and love). When you combine the two (decluttering and then organizing), you’ll see the best results and discover life is easier, simpler, and more effective.

What This Program Is Not About

This program IS NOT about organizing. Organizing is about setting up effective systems in your house so each and every item you own has a dedicated place to live.

This program IS NOT about decluttering in the sense of just “tidying-up” or “putting stuff away” (which are organizing routines). To learn how to setup effective organizing systems and routines, check out my Power Productivity Program.

This program IS NOT about minimalism. We will never use the word “minimalist” or “minimalism” in the program. Although the program can help achieve a minimalist lifestyle, you decide how much decluttering and simplifying is right for you.

This program IS NOT an extreme approach to decluttering. And there is no set number of items to own as we all have different situations.

This program IS about responsibly decluttering your home in the sense of permanently getting rid of physical belongings that no longer serve a purpose in your life by passing these items on to someone they will serve.

This program IS a practical and realistic approach to decluttering your home by only holding onto the things you genuinely use, need, and absolutely love. It’s about creating a home environment with items that serve you and have purpose in your life, that allow you to thrive, flourish, and feel amazing – the way we should all feel at home!

A Program Inspired By My Own Personal Overwhelm

Got rid of 809 lbs. of clutter!

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, you know it’s a paralyzing and debilitating feeling. It’s hard to do anything and making progress is a struggle. You don’t sleep well at night because you’re tossing and turning with your mind restless. You wake up tired and you don’t want to get out of bed. The little things like getting ready feel hard to do. You don’t feel like going to work. And you certainly don’t want to look at your never ending to-do list. It all feels just so challenging.

I know the feeling all too well. After all, this program was inspired by my own personal overwhelm (mainly from running my business) which I experienced before developing this program.

The year was 2014 and I call it the year of “too much.” Too many decisions to make, too much to manage, too much to maintain, too much work, too many projects, too many emails, too much to constantly stay on top of, too much to constantly balance, too many people to please, too many things to perfect, too much information, too much planning, too much preparation, etc., etc., etc.

It was all just too much of everything. And believe me when I say that it showed…

I felt (and looked) stressed out, my hair didn’t shine like it used to, I didn’t get a haircut for almost 13 months, my skin was dry, I gained 5-10 lbs. from all of the emotional eating, my energy was low, I was arguing more with my spouse, most things felt hard to do (even the easy things), and most importantly I didn’t feel good, at all (you can even tell by the way I look in some of the program videos as they were filmed at the tail-end of me being in an overwhelmed state).

I was completely drained and exhausted to the point where I became desperate to simplify life so I could feel happy again.

From that point forward I decided enough is enough. We have to change some things here because nobody deserves to feel this way. And so that’s what I did. I decided to get out of overwhelm and back on track to living life with more ease & peace.

So how do you get out of overwhelm, re-gain control, and get back on track with loving life? The same way you declutter your home so it’s less overwhelming…

In a nutshell, you simplify everything to make life easier and more manageable again. You declutter everything that’s in the way that no longer serves you. You then re-organize what remains. It’s really that simple.

And so I spent the next two years ruthlessly simplifying my life (business, personal, and home) of the “clutter” that was stealing my joy and holding me back from being my best self.

And because there is nothing I’m better at in life than teaching people about organization, and now I know first-hand what it feels like to be extremely overwhelmed for a long-period of time, I decided to create a new program on simplifying your house to make life at home easier and, of course, less overwhelming! Because being overwhelmed isn’t fun and nobody should feel this way. In fact, there’s a much better way to live. And this program shows you exactly HOW!

It’s been about a year since I simplified every aspect of my life and I cannot fully describe how incredibly light and free I feel, quite the opposite of being in a state of overwhelm. While this program is solely focused on simplifying the house (not simplifying a business), it has ripple effects in other areas of life including your relationships, mental/physical health, finances, work, overall well-being, etc.

*In the program we let go of exactly 809 pounds of clutter (we weighed every single bag and box). For demonstration purposes, we added roughly 200 pounds of clutter from family & friends as talking points. However, before and after the program was filmed, we also got rid of an additional 400 pounds (roughly) of our own clutter. In total, my husband and I got rid of about 1000 pounds of clutter (that’s half of a ton!) and continue to let go of more stuff as it’s no longer needed, used, or loved!

I’m Already Somewhat Organized, Is This Program Even Applicable To Me?

Yes! First off, I’m organized too (obviously!). And my life has changed tenfold by creating the program and applying it. Secondly, this isn’t an organizing program like my PPP. This is a decluttering program in the sense of permanently letting go of clutter and intentionally living with less stuff. Big difference.

You can be the most organized person ever, but regardless of your organizing habits, the amount of the stuff you have to consistently maintain is determined by the amount of stuff you own. And if you thrive on order, consistently maintaining a lot of stuff requires a great deal of time and effort which can steal you away from “having time” for what matters most in life – our relationships & experiences.

On the other hand, when you have less stuff, maintaining it all is a whole lot easier & faster (which gives you back more time & freedom to do the things you enjoy with the people you love)! The hardest part about being organized is keeping up with it. The whole “getting organized” part is easy (or easier). It’s the “staying organized” part that’s more difficult. But when there’s less to maintain because you own less stuff, it’s ten times easier to stay organized. In fact, it’s a game changer.

A Program Focused On YOU

Ever since I became an entrepreneur almost 9 years ago, I learned that the three most important things you need to be successful in any endeavor are knowledge, support, and sometimes accountability (depending upon motivation levels). You’ll get all three of these when you join SimpLESSity. How?

Well, all the detailed information and specifics you need to successfully declutter your home are inside this program. And it’s all organized in a way that’s super easy to consume. Being a business owner I’ve learned that you can either learn it all on your own with trial and error (which is time consuming and filled with frustrations) or, you can learn a proven path to follow from an expert. And time after time, the return on investment with learning from an expert (and doing it right the first time) is always, always, always, higher and saves massive amounts of time. In addition to giving you all the information you need to see change and feel better than you feel today, I’ll also check in with you and keep you on track and accountable as you work through the program. This isn’t one of those online programs you join and never hear from the company ever again. Here at, we pride ourselves on running our business differently.

When you join SimpLESSity, you’ll receive follow-up emails from me with tips for getting the most out of the program (I check in with you every few days or so) and advice on getting past the hardest part which is always getting started (if you can start, you can surely finish!). Plus, we have excellent customer and tech support if you ever run into any issues and need a helping hand. Simply, pick up the phone and call us M-F 9AM-5PM EST (1-866-612-6567) or send us an email at

Easy to understand and fun to follow

Back in my school days, I was always a slow learner never fully understanding concepts until I saw it on paper or on the overhead projector or chalkboard. Later in life I learned it’s because I’m a visual learner and need to see things to fully grasp them, in order to apply them and live them. I know I’m not alone in this regard. And because I want everyone to succeed (so you can feel GOOD!) when it comes to decluttering, I made this program incredibly easy to consume. We’re talking process guides, charts, colored tables, bulleted lists, pictures, etc. The easier something is to do (or learn), the more likely it is to get done. On the other hand, the harder something is to do, the more likely we are to procrastinate.

A cost-effective, long-term solution you won’t find anywhere else

When I first started my organizing business, I spent years going to clients’ homes, sitting down with them, and helping them declutter and get organized. Many of my clients saw massive results! But one of the big challenges was that a lot of people couldn’t afford the personal service of hiring a professional to come to their house for many hours on end or sometimes even weekly if that’s what was needed to make a change. Most professional organizers charge anywhere from $50 – $200+ per hour and each room usually takes several hours to declutter and effectively organize!

So, how does someone who cannot afford to hire a professional successfully declutter their home? The same way someone loses weight if they can’t afford to hire a personal trainer. They get resourceful and learn how to do it on their own. And sometimes, the most successful people in life are the people that started with little resources and found a way because they refused to quit.

SimpLESSity is a unique program, something you likely haven’t seen before because quite frankly, nothing else like it exists. Sure, you can find books filled with text on decluttering that give you the “what” and “why,” but none of them include video demonstrations with actionable worksheets that shows you the “how” with expert tips, thought processes, and decisions explained every step of the way (which is vital and can either make or break your success).

Because nothing like this exists (nor will you be able to find anything like our 31-page A-Z chart we created with linked national resources for getting rid of items!) and most people simply cannot afford the hourly rate of hiring a professional to come to their home to help them declutter, I made it my duty to figure out a way to help people like YOU free yourself from clutter by easily decluttering your home without spending thousands of dollars to learn how. After all, everyone deserves to thrive and feel good at home.

The cost of not signing up may be more than you can afford

Let me ask you a somewhat painful question: if you don’t take action and continue living the way you live today (with clutter), what will it cost you (mentally and physically)? Now, I don’t know what you’re personally struggling with, but here’s how clutter can negatively affect us:

  • Constant overwhelm from all the visual stimulation & distractions (a paralyzing & debilitating feeling to say the least)
  • Increased stress-levels from endlessly shuffling through clutter
  • Lack of focus due to clutter competing for your attention
  • Daily anxiety from the stacks and piles that subconsciously remind you that you need to declutter
  • Frequent arguments with family members over clutter which can easily alter your state of mind and carry on throughout the day or week
  • Increased grocery and other shopping bills due to purchasing duplicates of items you already own but just can’t seem to find
  • Continued avoidance with unhealthy habits (to temporarily numb the pain) of shopping, eating, watching TV, escaping reality with the internet, etc.
  • Feelings of depression or hopelessness that your situation will never change (most situations will never improve until you decide to make a change)
  • Lack of quality sleep due to restlessness thinking about everything you know you need to do
  • Continued feelings of shame and embarrassment from your clutter (it’s possible to free yourself from this feeling and instead feel proud of your home)

Join the Program 100% Risk Free

My goal is to help you declutter your home of the items that no longer serve you so you too can experience the liberating feeling of owning less stuff and having more freedom among all of the other benefits of simplifying. That’s why I invite you to fully participate in my program for up to 60 days, and if you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, then I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

I’m assuming 100% of the risk for you because I am so confident that this program works when applied correctly. I’ve made investing in this program risk free. You have absolutely nothing to lose and massive amounts to gain that will change your life and the way you see “your stuff” for the better, if you take action – starting today.

That’s my promise and guarantee to you,


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