I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

How To Organize The Kitchen & Pantry Tips

Cook up a clutter-free kitchen & pantry, with these kitchen / pantry organization tips! From the best kitchen organizers, to creative pantry organizing ideas, tips, and best products, consider these videos your key ingredients to whipping up calmer meal preps and in-home dining. You can watch all of my kitchen / pantry organization videos here, or scroll down to view an individual video on how to organize the pantry and kitchen organization tips below:

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Fridge Organization Ideas Video

In this fridge organization ideas video, I show you how to organize the refrigerator! If you need to organize your fridge, just follow along! The great thing about a messy fridge is that it doesn’t take that long to tackle! […]

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[VIDEO]: Spice Organization (Quick 15-Minutes!) Part 3 of 3

Hello All! In this organization video I show you that organizing a kitchen cabinet can be quick and easy! We tackle organizing the spices in just 15 minutes! If you have a kitchen cabinet (or a bathroom cabinet) that needs […]

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Pantry Organization (Quick 15-Minutes)

Hello All! In this organization video I show you that organizing the pantry can be quick and easy! We tackle organizing the messy pantry in just 15 minutes! If your pantry closet or pantry cabinet needs to be organized or […]

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Most Organized Home in America Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello

I’m Alejandra Costello, a Home Organizing Life Coach from Alejandra.tv and I teach others how to get organized (how to organize themselves and their homes) through on video training. I was once named one of the most organized people in […]

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Pantry Organization on a Budget - Dollar Store Organizing

In this video I with you how to organize your pantry on a budget! Everything shown was purchased at the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree) for a total of $43! This is part 1 of 4 in my Dollar Store […]

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Power Productivity Program by Alejandra.tv

In this video I give you a preview of my complete organizing program, the Power Productivity Program which shows you step-by-step, on video how to get organized and stay organized so you can live a productive life. Click here […]

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink Cabinet

In this video I show you how to organize under the kitchen sink cabinet to maximize your vertical storage space around the pipes and on the cabinet door while making everything super simple to access!

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How to Organize a Tall Narrow Cabinet

In this video I show you how I organize a tall narrow deep cabinet in the kitchen that los like dead space (you know those really skinny kitchen cabinets that you don’t know what to do with)! Hope you enjoy […]

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how to organize coffee and tea in the kitchen

In this video I show you how to organize coffee & tea in a beverage station in the kitchen. I this system because it’s totally visual for the creative (you can actually SEE what you have), it’s super easy […]

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[VIDEO]: Dining Room Organizing Ideas

In this video I show you organizing ideas on how I organize all of my party supplies and paper goods in my buffet cabinet in the dining room!

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[VIDEO]: Organizational Tips - Rice Storage in the Kitchen Pantry

In this video I show you a quick organizational tip for storing rice in air-tight containers in your pantry closet.

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[VIDEO]: Easy Tips for Organizing the Pantry

This morning I was making breakfast and realized there were a couple of pantry organizing tips I haven’t d yet. I ended up grabbing my camera and quickly filming a 3-minute video. The lighting is so awful in the pantry […]

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[VIDEO]: 3 Simple Ways to Organize Your Family

Show your family you them this Valentine’s Day by getting them organized! Here are 3 tips for taking the first step to a harmonious house! And for great ideas and fun tips, check out DietPepsi.com — you’ll […]

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[VIDEO]: Deep Freezer Organization

We just bought a deep freezer for the garage and I couldn’t wait to organize it (never organized a deep freezer before so my head was spinning with ideas!). One of the tricks to organizing a deep space is using […]

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[VIDEO]: Organizing Pots & Pans

I don’t know about you but I really dislike the sound of loud banging pots and pans! Silence is truly golden for me and that includes when I take out a pot or pan from the kitchen cabinet. In this […]

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