I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

How To Organize The Bathroom Tips [Videos]

With the right bathroom organization tips, products, and ideas, your “throne” room can really be a place where you feel like royalty! Below are some of my favorite ideas for organizing makeup, hair accessories, towels, toiletries, & more, so you too can get your bathroom cabinet, drawer, or closet organized. I hope these tips help you to perk up your powder room, beautify your bathroom, and organize one of the most important rooms in your home. Watch all of my organized bathroom videos here, or scroll down to watch an individual video below:

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Bathroom Organization & Storage Ideas

Hello All! In this video, I show you how I’ve organized our bathroom countertop/vanity in our temporary home! If you need bathroom organization & storage ideas, I hope you find this video helpful! Alejandra

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Most Organized Home in America Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello

I’m Alejandra Costello, a Home Organizing Life Coach from Alejandra.tv and I teach others how to get organized (how to organize themselves and their homes) through on video training. I was once named one of the most organized people in […]

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Guest Bathroom Organization Ideas & Tour

Hi Everyone! In this organization video, I give you a tour of my guest bathroom and show you how to organize the space so your guests easily feel welcomed and relaxed when they visit! Also, I show you what essentials […]

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How to organize a cleaning kit

Hi Everyone! In this video I show you how to organize a cleaning kit so you can be efficient when you clean your house because everything is organized into one caddy nice and accessible! Products Shown: Cleaning Caddy Microfiber Sponge […]

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Makeup Storage & Organization

In this video I with you quick and easy tips on makeup storage and organization! Hope you enjoy the video! Alejandra

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Organization tips

In this video I show you my favorite and best organization tips that are fast and easy to implement at home! And the best part about getting organized is how you feel afterwards, you feel productive, efficient, and […]

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bathroom cabinet organization tips

In this video I give you bathroom cabinet organization tips for containing the clutter in an easy, functional, cost-effective way! I hope you enjoy the video! Alejandra

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize a Small Linen Closet

In this video I show you how I organized my small n closet in my home! In my last home, my n closet had all of my bath products, travel products, medications, etc. However, in the new house, our hallway […]

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize Your Small Bathroom on a Budget

In this video I show you how I organized my small guest room bathroom cabinet on a budget! I shopped the house, went to Dollar Tree, and Home Goods and turned my “blah” cabinet into a beautifully organized system that […]

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[VIDEO]: Organize Your Makeup - How to Organize Cosmetics in the Bathroom

In this video I show you how to organize makeup and cosmetics in the bathroom using organizers and a slim rolling cart that maximizes space and makes things super accessible! PRODUCTS USED: Really Slim Rolling Cart

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[VIDEO]: Small Budget Organizing Solutions

Ok, so I went on another organizing shopping spree with the goal of finding organizing products at super cheap prices. I went to IKEA, Dollar Tree, and TJMaxx. In this video, I show you everything I found and some different […]

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[VIDEO]: Bathroom Organization

One thing that’s super annoying about organizing underneath the bathroom sink is the annoying J-pipe in the middle of the cabinet! This totally limits what you can and cannot do when it comes to organizing the space. In this video, […]

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[VIDEO]: Makeup Organization & How to Organize Hair Accessories

Here is how I organize my makeup and hair accessories. I sort everything by category and then store on the back of my bathroom door in door s made by Simply Stashed. The clear s make it easy to see […]

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[VIDEO]: How to Fold Towels like the Department Stores

Loing at a wall or aisle of towels at the department store is like eye-candy (at least to anyone who is nuts about organizing!). But have you ever wondered how the department stores get the “perfect” fold in their towels?! […]

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize the Shower in Your Bathroom

Many of us have a plethora of products in our showers, which can make your shower lo like a cluttered mess even when it’s clean. Here’s how I organize the shower in my bathroom to avoid clutter and frustration when […]

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