I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

Clearing Emotional Clutter [Videos]

Getting organized requires tackling both physical and mental clutter. The physical clutter is merely a representation of what is going on inside our minds. If we don’t address the mental clutter first, then we are merely treating the symptoms. By focusing on the mental clutter, we can treat the source of the disorganization, while also decluttering and organizing the physical clutter inside our homes. You can watch Alejandra’s videos on clearing emotional clutter below:

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In 2018 I had the honor to speak to 200 beautiful souls at the National Turner Syndrome Conference. We talked about decluttering, organizing, and a lot of mental/emotional stuff that often shows up when a person decides to get organized. […]

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SimpLESSity Decluttering Program by Alejandra.tv

In this video I explain how my own life became so overwhelming that it brought me to a near breaking point. I’ll tell you how I got through it and come back on the other side feeling stronger than ever, […]

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Feeling Good Before Bed

Hi Everyone! Here’s a quick video on feeling good before you go to bed. Enjoy! -Alejandra

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Getting Rid of Things - Alejandra tv

Just a spontaneous vlog as I was decluttering and getting rid of things on this Sunday morning! Happy Organizing! Alejandra

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Clear the clutter & organize the most stressful area(s) in your home in the same time it takes to watch a movie.

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