I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

Best Organizing Products & Gadgets [Videos]

Let these videos help you find the best affordable organizing products that actually work to help make life easier. As a professional organizer, I’m constantly trying new items and sorting through the duds to find the wows so you don’t have to! Watch all of my organization product reviews & recommendation videos here, or scroll down to watch an individual video on the best home organizing products & gadgets below:

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Cheap storage ideas - dollar store haul

Getting organized doesn’t have to be expensive! Instead, you can find organizational solutions with any budget. In this video I show you all of the cheap storage ideas I found while shopping on my Dollar Store Haul!! Hope you enjoy […]

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[VLOG]: The Container Store Grand Opening (Part 3 of 3)

This is part 3 of 3 of the grand opening of The Container Store in Reston, Virginia where I take you shopping with me the first day the store opens! This is a giveaway video, you can enter the giveaway […]

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[VIDEO]: Label Maker Review - How I Use my Brother P-Touch 1880 (Plus Our New Poodle!)

I absolutely LOVE to label my organizing systems around the house. If you saw my home tour video, you know I label like crazy. In this video, I’ll show you the exact label maker I use (Brother P-touch 1880) and […]

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[VIDEO]: Getting Organized on a Budget - Dollar Store Haul for Organizing

A lot of people believe that getting organized costs a lot of money. While many organizing products are expensive, you can find some that are reasonably priced. I recently shopped the dollar store (Dollar Tree) in my area to see […]

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[VIDEO]: My Favorite Over the Door Organizers by Simply Stashed

One of my favorite organizing products are door organizers from Simply Stashed (however, on sale at http://www.joyus.com for the next 30 days). I use them around my house for makeup, bath products, hair accessories, office supplies, and even cords. […]

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize Photos Using The Container Store's Picture Boxes

We’re going old-school in this post. Even though we typically use digital cameras these days, most of us still have plenty of film photos. Are your photos sorted and stored neatly? Most of us have our photos scattered in boxes […]

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[VIDEO]: What Type of Hangers To Use In The Closet

Is your wardrobe in disarray because you don’t know what type of hangers to use in the closet? Are your clothes falling off your hangers? There are many options when trying to select the appropriate type of hangers such as […]

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[VIDEO]: The Container Store Teabag Organizer: How to Organize Your Teabags in the Pantry

Here’s how I creatively organize my teabags in the pantry using a teabag organizer from the container store. When you use this trick, you maximize your space 🙂 Here’s the organizer I use: https://www.alejandra.tv/recommends/teabag-organizer/

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize & Store Wrapping Paper with Container Store Products

‘Tis the season to be wrapping…presents! Many of you have asked me on and Youtube what the best way is to organize and store wrapping paper. Some of you may have even seen the wrapping paper organizer I use […]

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[VIDEO]: I'm Giving You My Favorite Organizing Tool!

I’m giving away my favorite timer plus a surprise gift 😉 The link to enter the contest is on my NEW page – www..com/AlejandraCPO I’m Giving You My Favorite Organizing Tool! Hi everyone. It’s Alejandra. And I hope you’re […]

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[VIDEO]: 30-Minute Daily Organizing Using Time Timer

One of my secrets to staying organized is doing a 30-minute clean-up routinely using my favorite timer.

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[VIDEO]: How to Organize Gift Wrap, Gift Bags & Gift Tags

Creative Organizing Expert Alejandra Costello organizes her gift bags and gift tags using products from The Container Store.

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[VIDEO] How to Organize Stickers

How to creatively organize stickers in a craft space with professional organizer Alejandra Costello

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[VIDEO] Insider Tour of Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello's Organized Home

Here’s a house tour of Creative Organizing Expert, Alejandra Costello’s super organized home.

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