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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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[VIDEO]: How to Hang Sheet Metal in Your Cabinets

Here’s how I hang sheet metal inside my cabinets to eliminate clutter on the outside of my fridge 😉 Will you try this?!

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Hey guys, it’s Alejandra. And it’s Friday morning and I was about to head out of the house and I was checking my email and I got an email two days ago from somebody who wanted to know how to hang sheet metal inside of their cabinets. They saw the picture of that cabinet right there in the background. This is my kitchen. And they wanted to do the same thing inside their own cabinets so I figured I’ll just do a video because she’s not the first person who has asked and instead of just like taping up boring instructions, it’s a lot easier to learn when you have a video.

Keep your Fridge Clutter Free: Hang Sheet Metal in your Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your Fridge Clutter Free: Hang Sheet Metal in your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Hang Sheet Metal in Kitchen Cabinets

So the first thing to do when you hang sheet metal inside your cabinets is to measure your cabinet and see how much sheet metal you want to hang. So for me, it was a no-brainer. The cabinets that I have, have these border around the edges that’s a bit thicker than the inside of the cabinet like where the sheet metal is so I just measured the inside of the border and took that measurement and went to Home Depot.

When you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s or whatever hardware store, any hardware store is going to have the right material so you can really go anywhere. But when you go to Home Depot, you want to look for sheet metal and not aluminum. Aluminum looks very similar to sheet metal but it’s not magnetic. So you don’t want to buy that because it’s not going to work. Nothing is going to stick to it.

But let me show you exactly what sheet metal looks like. It’s going to come in like just a plain sheet like this. It’s going to come like this. The other side is decorated. But it’s going to come like this and it’s probably going to come in like 12 x 24 or 24 x 24 or 48 x 48. It’s probably not going to come in the size that you needed. So you’re going to have to cut it. And it seems kind of difficult to cut because it’s kind of thick and it’s metal but it’s actually very simple to cut.

So once you grab your sheet metal in the size that you need or the size that’s closest to the size of your cabinet, you are going to want to get a pair of tin snips. Now, tin snips are – they’re made to cut through metal and they are – they come in different sizes. These are the small ones. They also have really large ones. The reason I have these is because I picked them up for Ed when I got the small ones in case I couldn’t cut the sheet metal myself. This was the first time I did it. But it’s actually very simple to cut so the small ones work great for me. But they come in two sizes.

And if you don’t already have a pair of all-purpose gloves, you’re going to pick up a pair of gloves. Don’t use your tin snips to cut the sheet metal without wearing gloves because sheet metal is really sharp and it can just like pierce through your skin and cut you. So make sure you pick up gloves. Those are at Home Depot also.

[VIDEO] How To Hang Sheet Metal In Your Cabinets

[VIDEO] How To Hang Sheet Metal In Your Cabinets

Attaching Sheet Metal to the Cabinet Door

So after you have your sheet metal and you have your tin snips and you have your gloves, you’re going to want to pick up 3M Multipurpose Adhesive Spray. So this is pretty much just like a glue spray. It comes out like a spray paint. You just spray it and it is super sticky. You have to be sure that you’re positive you want to permanently hang the sheet metal inside your cabinets because if you use this stuff, the sheet metal is not coming off unless you like yank it off and then you’re going to destroy your cabinets.

So make sure you’re positive you want to do this. And if you are then use this stuff. If you are not sure you want to have it permanent, you can try getting 3M Mounting Strips. They’re sold at Home Depot, Target has them. The Container Store has them. Basically, they’re just mounting strips that are sticky on both sides and they’re movable. They don’t hold up as well as this stuff but again, it’s not a permanent solution.

Once you have all your materials, you come back home, you cut your sheet metal then you’re going to want to spray the sheet metal with your glue spray or line it with those mounting strips that I talked about and then you’re going to want to hold it against the cabinets for like one to two minutes to make sure it’s secure before you let go.

And then after you glue it to the cabinet, you’re going to probably going to wait like – I’ll probably wait like four, five hours before you actually hang something on it just to be sure that it’s secure and in place. And once it’s secure, you can go ahead and put all your magnets from your fridge to your interior of your kitchen cabinet.

And I love doing this because I don’t like looking at the refrigerator on the outside and seeing like magnets everywhere and papers everywhere and pictures. That’s just my personal style. So if you want to hide some of this stuff, try this idea.

Hanging Corkboard Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Another idea if you don’t want to hang sheet metal and you want to make the project a little bit easier, you can use these corkboard squares that I just got these from Target. The Container Store has them also. They are super easy to cut. You don’t need tin snips. You can just use regular scissors. Cut them. Spray them with the glue spray. Mount them and then just use a thumbtack to hang whatever you want to hang inside your cabinets.

You can also the do the same thing inside of like your bathroom cabinets or a cabinet in a piece of furniture or anything that has a door. Like it doesn’t only have to be a kitchen cabinet. So that’s just another idea for you. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye!


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