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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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[VIDEO]: How to Display Christmas & Greeting Cards

Here’s how to display your christmas, holiday & greeting cards if you have bi-fold doors in your house 😉

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Hi, guys. It’s Alejandra and I’m standing inside my living room. And today is Tuesday, December 13th which means that there is 11 days left until Christmas gets here. And it also means that this is usually when you start receiving the bulk of your holiday cards. I know for me, I finally mailed mine out. I think it was – I mailed some out on Friday and then I mailed some out on Saturday. So I guess people are probably receiving them today or tomorrow.

But since they’re all coming in right now, I wanted to do a quick video on how I’m storing my holiday cards this year. Last year, I just taped them to the back of the front door so we could all see them, all of us, meaning, Ed and I. So we could see them and enjoy them during the month of December.

But one thing that wasn’t really working is the tape wasn’t really sticking to the door like the card would fall down if you shut the door too hard or yeah, they would just fall down. So it was kind of annoying.

How to Display Christmas & Greeting Cards

So this year, I’m doing things a little differently. I am using the doors behind me. This is the hallway closet. It’s where we keep our jackets and our recycling and there are some cleaning supplies in there. But I’m using these doors. They’re bi-fold doors to hang all the cards. And let me show you.

So all I’m doing is whenever I get a card, this card is from the Castien’s. All right. So I got a card and I just come and I just slide it through. I guess this is like called the ventilated part of the bi-fold door. Slide it through the ventilated part and it hangs nicely and you can literally like open or close the door as hard as you want and the card is not going to fall through, fall to the back or fall to the front. It stays perfectly.

So that’s one tip on how you can store your holiday cards if you have annoying bi-fold doors in your house. Also, I did a bi-fold door video last week where I show you how add storage to closets with bi-fold doors.

Anyways, that’s one idea on how to store your holiday cards. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye!


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