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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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How to Creatively Store And Pack Christmas Ornaments

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! After the holidays are over and it’s time to pack and store the Christmas ornaments in storage, you have a few options. You could put them in their bulky original containers, stuff them into random bins and containers (and pray that they don’t break), or you could use some of the tips in this video to ensure your ornaments are neatly stored in a cost-effective method:

I hope that helps. Do you have any Christmas ornament storage tips? Share your best tips in the comments below.

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Hi guys, it’s Alejandra. And this video is coming to you guys a little bit early. I know it’s like three days before Christmas but I wanted to share with you guys two quick and easy and cost-effective tips for how to store all of your Christmas ornaments during the year so there is no damage, nothing broken and nothing gets destroyed while it’s in the storage and everything is intact for the following holiday season.

So, most people don’t take down their Christmas decorations until like maybe January. I usually take them down first week in January because I’m done with Christmas and I’ve seen them for like a month and a half now and it’s just time to start the New Year, start fresh, and get the house back to normal.

So with that said, there are two things I’m going to share with you guys today.

How to Creatively Store and Pack Christmas Ornaments for Holiday Storage

The first thing is I want to tell you guys how to store your large bulb ornaments without having to go out and buy an ornament organizer. And to be completely honest, like you don’t need to buy an ornament organizer. You can totally make one yourself or figure out how to reuse something so you can just save some money.

So what I do for these ornaments is I use an apple container from Costco. So this is just like a container that apples come in when you buy them at Costco. It stores 12 apples and it like clicks shut just like that. And I just put all the large ornaments inside of one of the holes just like that and it fits perfectly like it’s the same size as an apple. It’s a little bit smaller. And I store the hook with the ornament. If the hook doesn’t fit because maybe it’s like a little bulky or it sticks out or something, I’ll just take the hook off and put it inside of a little Ziploc bag and then keep it inside of here. But the hook fits fine in here.

DIY Ornament Organizer = Apple Container from Costco #AlejandraTV

DIY Ornament Organizer = Apple Container from Costco

So I’ll put the ornament in and then I’ll just click them shut and I’ll just store this apple cartoon with ornaments inside of a storage box or a moving box or whatever bin or basket I have. And then I’ll just put it wherever I store all of my holiday decorations.

I use an apple cartoon for large ornaments and then I use a – well first, let me show you what it is. So a lot of people have small ornaments. I have a lot of them in my tree. I could use the apple cartoon container to store these small ones inside of here but I think it will just waste a lot of space. And when it comes to organizing, you want to maximize your space and not waste any space at all.

How to Store & Organize Small Ornaments

The apple cartoon container is a waste of space for these small ones. Instead, I like to use an egg cartoon just like this like what you get at a grocery store. And again, they fit really perfectly inside. Do you see that? And some of the hooks kind of stick up inside of here, I don’t know. I think it’s fine leaving them on though. And then I’ll just close it and all of your small ornaments are now inside of an egg cartoon.

[VIDEO] How to Creatively Store And Pack Christmas Ornaments For Holiday Storage

[VIDEO] How to Creatively Store And Pack Christmas Ornaments For Holiday Storage

So again, you don’t have to run to the store and spend more money after you already spent so much money during Christmas just by – instead, you can just reuse two things that most people would just recycle or throw away, which is an apple cartoon container and an egg cartoon container,

So, that’s just two things to consider when you are taking down all your Christmas decorations in the next few weeks. I hope you guys are having a merry Christmas and I will see you soon. Bye!


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