I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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[VIDEO]: Checking In Before Thanksgiving

Wishing you a wonderful, happy, healthy, blessed Thanksgiving! Even though its a short week, it can still be productive 😉

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Hey guys. It’s Alejandra. And it is Monday night and I’m about to head to dinner with Ed and two of my friends. I just want to do quick little video. And first off, I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope it’s happy. I hope it’s healthy. I hope you eat lots of yummy food and you relax with family and friends because that’s what the holidays are for.

But also, I wanted to do a little video to tell you to continue getting things done this week because I know during the holidays, it’s a lot harder to get things done because we’re so excited and we’re just ready to relax and have a good time. But it is important that we don’t slack off and stop crossing things off on our to-do list.

I know for me today, today is Monday. I’m probably going to post this tomorrow. But today, it was really hard to get things done because I just keep thinking about Thursday and what I’m going to make and just how I excited I am to relax with family and friends. But it is important that I still stay on track and get things done.

So hang in there. There’s tomorrow which is Tuesday. And then Wednesday, hopefully Wednesday is a short day for you and then you can begin your holiday. And hopefully, you have a four-day weekend. I am going to take off Friday. So I’m excited for my four-day weekend because that doesn’t happen very often.

But anyways, hang in there. Stay motivated. Keep working that to-do list. It’s going to pay off. And have a very happy Thanksgiving with friends and family. Relax and don’t think about things because things can wait until next week after you get your stuff done this week.

So have a relaxing Thanksgiving and I will see you soon. Bye!


    Alejandra Costello
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