I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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I teach you how to get organized so you can THRIVE!

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8 Tips To Organizing Your Fabulous Makeup Collection

Organized makeup, organizing your makeup

Use Vaseline to turn broken powdered eye shadows into liquid eye shadows instantly!

“Organize” and “Makeup” are two words that many of us never even think to use together.  There is simply too much to organize.  It seems easier to throw it all in a makeup bag and dig things out when they’re needed.  For products that are used daily, this can turn a “pampering experience” into a time consuming and messy disaster.  To save you time and frustration, we came up with 8 fabulous and frugal ideas that will completely transform your morning routine…for the better.

1. Brush up your Brush Collection -Try storing various sized makeup brushes in a bowl-shaped vase with small glass stones at the bottom.  Both items can be found at almost any craft store.  Stand your cosmetic brushes in the vase. You have now created a beautiful & practical display to keep in front of your bathroom vanity!

2. Broken Eye Shadows – Have you ever opened your makeup bag only to discover that your favorite eye shadow has broken due to the tossing around in your cosmetic bag? If so, try putting the broken powder into a clean and dry contact case.  Mix in some Vaseline (which is non-comedogenic and doesn’t clog your pores) and voila! You have liquid eye shadow and you’ve saved your favorite color and expensive makeup!

3. Labeling Lipsticks – If your lipsticks are not labeled already, create your own labels and eliminate the color confusion!  Try using small white circle stickers and mark a sample of your lipstick color on the label. Once labeled, stick the label on the top of the outside of the lipstick tube.

4. Cosmetic Pencils and Mascara – If you have an old pair of eye glasses, hold onto the eye glass case and recycle your glasses*.  A glasses case is the perfect size to store eye-liner, lip-liner, and mascara.  The glasses case is light and compact enough to keep in your purse or bag.

*Try Lion’s Club, an organization that donates the glasses to those in need; they normally have boxes outside many local grocery stores.

5. Q-Tips and Cotton Balls – Cotton goods should always be stored in a closed place away from any dirt and liquid. Try storing q-tips, cotton balls, and eye shadow applicators in Umbra Pivoting trays available at the Container Store. Each pivoting tray should be labeled and kept under the bathroom sink away from all dirt and liquid.

6. Pull-Out Drawers – If your bathroom vanity has pull-out drawers, consider storing your makeup in small compartments or a cutlery tray sized to the length, width and depth of the drawer. Designate a separate section/compartment for each type of item being stored (e.g., lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, etc). Label each section with the appropriate category name to be sure everything has its own place.

Try using a pencil case for a makeup bag on-the-go!

7. DIY Makeup Bag – Instead of purchasing yet another cosmetic bag since your current one is stained with spilled makeup, try re-using a soft pencil case to store makeup on the go.  If you don’t have a soft pencil case, try purchasing one at the craft or discount store.  To avoid future makeup spills, try lining the pencil case with a large clear freezer or sandwich bag.

8. Bringing Only the Basics – Keeping your entire makeup collection in your purse can become a disorganized mess and most of the time, you only need a few basics for touching up. Carry LESS – enough for Lips, Eyes, Skin & Something to Clean. Bring one moisturizing lipstick or one colored lip balm.  It serves as a two in one product (color and moisture).  Carry one eyeliner pencil or mascara (your preference).  Touching up your top lids with eye-liner can brighten your eyes and make you look more awake on a long day.  For your skin, only carry one cover up. Most cover ups will fix any blemishes you are trying to hide.  Don’t forget to carry tiny biodegradable towels to clean any and all accidents.  Carrying these few items are enough to keep you prepared and looking fabulous for your full day ahead!

Finally you now have some ideas on how to organize these little things that don’t fit on shelves or stack in closets.  Try these tips out and start your day feeling even more beautiful, leaving a stress-free morning behind you.


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