“I Finally See The Top Of My Desk For The First Time In Years”

“Alejandra did a fantastic job working with me to carefully and efficiently organize my office and declutter it. Her flexible, […]

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“Almost Six Months Later The Organizational Changes Have Continued”

“My wife and I are busy professionals- we are both doctors, but our home was in a state of chaos. […]

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“After A Few Hours My Kitchen Was Completely Transformed”

“I love to cook so I spend lots of time in my kitchen. For years I had been dreaming of […]

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“There’s Actually Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

“I called Alejandra to help me organize 10 years worth of stuff I had been accumulating throughout the years. Alejandra […]

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Ama Now Finds It Easy To Put Laundry Away

“Alejandra changed the way I use my kitchen. It is completely functional, easy-to-use and, more importantly, so simple to maintain. […]

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Has Alejandra Helped You Get Organized?

If so, submit your story!

Help inspire others to take the first step toward getting organized by recording a short video on your cell phone or webcam (or send pics and a story)*. Don't worry about the quality or waiting for the perfect time. Just send it to us at and we'll post it here to share with others who were in your shoes when you first considered getting organized.

Here are some things you might want to include:

  • What was life like before you started getting organized?
  • How has Alejandra inspired you to get organized? (don't forget to show off your hard work!)
  • How has your life changed as a result of getting organized? (e.g., happier, less stress, more time, more money, etc.)

* By sending files and text, you agree to grant the rights to and royalty-free use of any multimedia and text sent.


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