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[VIDEO]: School Supply Organization – How to Organize Small Supplies at Home

In this video I show you one way to organize school supplies or home office supplies using over-the-door organizing pockets.


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Hi, everyone. It’s Alejandra. And in this video, I want to show you a really cool way and easy way to organize all of your office supplies, your school supplies, or even like arts and crafts supplies or anything small you have in your house like maybe even toys in the toy room. So here it is.

It is using a door pockets to store all of the tiny things. So I have used these clear door pockets. I just put them on the door. They just hang with these hooks right here. Nothing is drilled inside the door. And I have categorized all of my office supplies.

How to Organize Office Supplies

So I have paper clips, binder clips, thumbtacks, safety pins, all my markers, more markers, some of my other small office supplies like rubber bands, there’s a calculator, ruler, and stuff. And then I use my photo labels to label each of the section so I knew where everything goes and where to put everything back.

Simple Office Supply Organization with Door Pockets

Simple Office Supply Organization with Door Pockets

Organizing School Supplies for Kids

So using this system like what you see here with like clear pockets and pictures labels is great for children. Like it’s great if you’re organizing school supplies or arts supplies for your kids because it’s so visible. They can immediately see what they want and they can easily grab it. And everything is labelled so it’s just a matter of playing a matching game when you’re putting something back or when your kids are putting something back.

And of course, what you want to do is you want to keep things that you don’t want your kids to reach at the very top of the door pockets. Like for example, thumbtacks. You don’t want them playing with those. So put them at the top or your safety pins or markers that they shouldn’t use when you’re not around. And then things that you want them to grab on their own, you want to go ahead and put at the bottom.

School Supply Organization Tips

School Supply Organization with Door Pockets

Something else you can do is you can put a piece of Velcro like down here behind the door pocket and on the door to kind of hold it in place. I don’t really have that problem but if you have the problem of the thing swinging, put a piece of Velcro down there, down here, maybe in the middle and it’s going to hold it in place.

So it’s just a great way to organize all your supplies. It’s super easy, it’s visible, and it maximizes space because you’re using vertical space along your door that’s otherwise wasted space.

OK. So I hope this video was helpful. If you want more information on how to download my photo labels, you can visit Alejandra.TV. I will see you guys soon. Bye.

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    About the Author

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