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My Top 20 Holiday Gift Ideas For 2012

Happy Holidays! The holidays are just a few weeks away but in case you still have shopping left, I’ve put together a list of my 20 favorite “organizing” gift ideas. Now, I know not everyone wants organizing products for Christmas (after all, not everyone loves to organize like I do), however, a lot of the below products are more “gadget-y” or things that make you say “why I didn’t I think of that?!”.

Anyway, below are 20 unique gift ideas I thought would make cool gifts that people would actually use (and not sit around as clutter)!

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday!

For Your Favorite Chefs:

#1 – Instant Coasters For Wine Glasses

Color-Coded Coasters
This is a great gift for a hostess. They’re color-coded rubber coasters and drink markers you put on the wine glass before handing out wine glasses (that way you don’t have to politely ask your guest to use a coaster since you’ve already attached a coaster 🙂 It’s also obvious which glass is yours so no germ sharing for your guests!
Click HERE to learn more.

#2 – Really, Reallllly Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Magnetic Spoons
I discovered these last year at The Container Store when I asked one of the employees what’s your favorite thing in the store. These are so cool- they’re magnetic measuring spoons (and when I say they’re magnetic, they have really realllllllly strong magnets attached (not the the cheap kind). Any chef would appreciate this gift!
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#3 – Rubber Mat To Prevent Bottles From Rolling

Can & Bottle Organizer
I have two of these in my very own fridge. It’s a mat that prevents bottles from rolling when stored horizontally in the refrigerator. It also prevents bottles from making the annoying “clicking” sound when they touch other bottles, lol.
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#4 – Measure Conversion Magnet

Measures Conversion Magnet
I have this on my fridge and I still use it pretty much every time I cook or bake. Thanks to this magnet that’s been on my fridge for years, I finally now have memorized that there are 3 tsp in 1 tbsp! However, I still can’t remember how many tbsp in 1 cup! Anyway, this thing is a lifesaver and makes a great gift!
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#5 – Visual Kitchen Drawer Organizer (6 colors)

Colorful Drawer Organizer
I recently discovered this product and thought this was the coolest thing ever. It’s a rubber mat with adjustable dividers that holds things in place such as kitchen utensils, makeup, office supplies, tools, etc. It comes in 6 different colors. It’s a cool product for any drawer that has small items.
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For Your Gadget Lovers & Co-Workers:

#6 – How To Prevent Cables From Falling

Color-Coded Coasters
Ed gave me these last year in my stocking. They kind of look like candy but they’re adhesive cable drops you place on your desk or any piece of furniture to prevent cords from falling back. A fun gadget to give someone who appreciates little life hackers!
Click HERE to learn more.

#7 – Pulls Gunk Out Of Keyboards & Gadgets

Gadget Cleaning Putty
Your cell phone keyboard and computer keyboard are probably dirtier than you think. This is a gel/putty you rub on your keyboard to remove dust and dirt. It also has a cleaning compound (that smells nice) to remove bacteria from crevices.
Click HERE to learn more.

#8 – Remove Embarrassing Dust On Your Screen

Fuzzy Finger Dust Mitt
Have you ever opened your laptop or restarted your computer in front of another person and were embarrassed by the dust on the “black screen?” It’s hard to see dust on the monitor when the computer is already on, however, when its off, the dust is so visible! Anyway, this little fuzzy duster does the trick when you swipe it across your keyboard and monitor. I have the yellow one and it sits inside my desk drawer.
Click HERE to learn more.

#9 – A Portable Outlet (Mini-Sized)

Travel Power Strip
Have you ever seen a mini-sized power outlet? I haven’t… until now. This is supposed to be for the frequent traveler, however, I say its not only perfect for “on the go,” but also small offices, bathrooms, or any small nook where a “normal-sized” power strip wouldn’t fit.
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For Anyone That Needs To Get Organized:

#10 – A Timer To Keep People Focused

I’ve talked about this timer time after time (no pun intended). I use timers for everything to manage my time (I too get side tracked sometimes, so keeping a small timer next to me (especially on my desk) is a great way to stay focused and on track. This is by far my favorite timer since its visual and made for us creative folks who must “see” things to understand 🙂
Click HERE to learn more.

#11 – Best Folding Tool (Maximizes Drawer Space!)

Best Folding Tool
If you’ve ever wondered how retail stores get the “perfect” fold in shirts and pants, look no further. The secret is folding with the “Flip & Fold.” Not only do they make a “normal” size, but they make a small size for folding kiddie clothes. This is the exact folding too I use for all of Ed’s t-shirts.
Click HERE to learn more.

#12 – Best Organizing Magazine With New Ideas

Favorite Organizing Magazine
This is my favorite organizing magazine. It’s filled with unique ideas from organizing experts around the world and latest organizing products and gadgets. Unlike other organizing magazines, you can opt for the “digital” version instead of physical which clearly takes up less space 🙂 I’m a subscriber of the magazine and still get all giddy every time I receive it each season. This gift is also free to ship for long-distance friends and family.
Click HERE to learn more.

#13 – Container Store e-Gift Card (Last Minute Gift)

The Container Store Gift Card
If you’ve waited (or plan to wait) until the last minute to do your holiday shopping and need a “quick” gift idea, The Container Store offers holiday e-gift cards that you can immediately print and wrap. Even if the recipient doesn’t live near a The Container Store, they ship online orders anywhere in the US.
Click HERE to learn more.

For Her:

#14 – Add Instant Pockets To Any Purse

Purse Organizer
My soon-to-be mother in-law gave me this purse organizer two years ago. At first I thought I would never use it, however, I gave it a shot and it actually does help with containing clutter in your hang bag (it basically adds lots of pockets for your keys, phone, lip gloss, lotion, etc). I actually don’t use this in my everyday purse, instead, I use it in my jumbo laptop bag that has zero pockets. Makes a great gift for the women who “chuck” things in their purse.
Click HERE to learn more.

#15 – Add A Safety Siren & Whistle To A Keychain

Safety Alarm Key Holder
Ed discovered this gadget and I think he’s secretly planning to put this in my stocking this year! It’s a key chain with an extremely loud siren, a whistle, and a light to keep you safe when your driving and/or walking to your car at night or in a parking garage.
Click HERE to learn more.

For Him:

#16 – A Key That’s 6-in-1 Tools

6-in-1 Key Tool
This is cool for the Mr. Fix-It in the family. It’s a “key” that fits on his key ring that’s actually 6 commonly used tools in one. The coolest thing is that it looks like a key. This is perfect as a stocking stuffer or a small gift topper on another present.
Click HERE to learn more.

#17 – Instantly Remove Your Address From Envelopes

Identity Ink Roller
This is so cool – it’s a rolling stamp that masks your address before tossing or recycling envelopes from the mail. The stamp rolls random letters and numbers in oily ink so you can’t read the sensitive information underneath. When a shredder isn’t always available (or if you hate shredding and love to roll instead!), this is the next best thing. I have this and it’s just fun to roll (it rolls realllllly smoothly) while safeguarding your private info!
Click HERE to learn more.

#18 – De-Clutter His Belts

Cedar Belt Hanger
Are all his belts in a cluttered mess? This belt hanger will keep them neatly hung up while adding a touch of cedar to his closet.
Click HERE to learn more.

For The Mommies:

#19 – How To Make LEGOs® Easy To Clean Up

Lego® Drawstring Mat
I’m featuring this product in one of my upcoming videos! It’s a cool drawstring mat that you lay down on the floor for when your kids are playing with Lego® bricks, puzzles, or any toy with small pieces. The coolest thing about it is how you just swoop the bag up when you’re done playing and you’ve instantly cleaned up! Clean-up can actually be fun with this activity mat. Perfect for kids who are 6+.
Click HERE to learn more.

For The Dog Lovers:

#20 – A Traveling Dog Bowl That Dries Instantly

Travel Dog Bowl & Bag Holder
I’ve been so into doggie products this year ever since we got Mojo, our toy poodle. This is a cool travel product for doggies. It’s a traveling bowl and dish for water and food that’s collapsible (space saver). The coolest thing is that it instantly dries so you’re not carrying wet bowls wherever you travel.
Click HERE to learn more.
Do you have any good gift ideas? If so, share them below in the comments.

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