[VIDEO]: Cheap Holiday Ornament Storage



The holiday season means spending extra money that you wouldn’t normally spend throughout the year. This holiday season you can spend less when it comes to holiday storage containers by reusing “organizing products” from around the house.

In this video, I show you two everyday items that I use for my holiday ornament storage that you can buy at the grocery store for the cost of buying a dozen eggs :) The best part about this tip is its super easy to implement, cheap to buy, and works beautifully to protect your favorite holiday ornaments. Happy holiday season!

Video Transcript:

The holidays are right around the corner which means that it’s time to pull out all your holiday decorations and begin decorating the house. So my tip for you this holiday season is to store all your Christmas ornaments in reusable food containers.

So for example, I store all of my small Christmas tree ornaments in an egg container that I just get from the grocery store. The ornaments just fit so perfectly inside and when they’re in storage during the year, I know that nothing is going to break because everything is securely packed.

And I do the same thing for all of my larger Christmas tree ornaments. I just use an apple container that I got from Costco to store and pack them. And again, nothing is going to break because it’s so securely packed.

So I love this tip because you don’t have to actually go out to the store and buy another organizing product. You can just reuse an egg container or an apple container which you would normally buy instead of spending money on another container that you don’t really need. So if you’re looking for an easy, affordable solution to organizing all your holiday ornaments then try reusing some food containers that you buy at the grocery store.