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Annual elfa Sale Dates for The Container Store



Are you ready to do your own organizing project at home or in the office? If you’re preparing to begin an organizational overhaul, then you will probably need some products like bins, hangers, hooks, folders, and other organizing tools. Luckily all of these items can be found in one location, The Container Store, which has various sales that run throughout the year.

Unlike other retailers, The Container Store’s promotions typically run for 6 – 8 weeks. However, the specific dates change each year. Sometimes sales may even overlap. Some sales include elfa® products and usually installation of elfa® is also applicable for the sale (but this is subject to change).

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Here is a general guide for how to take advantage of the best deals and promotions The Container Store offers each year:

Annual elfa® Sale
Time of Year: December 24th through mid-February (typically 8 weeks)
Promotion: 30% off all elfa® products and installation.

Work Smart Office Sale
Time of Year: Right after the Annual elfa® Sale through mid-March (and sometimes through the April 15th Tax Day)
Promotion: Various discounts on office products

Spring Organizational Sale
Time of Year: April – May
Promotion: Various discounts on spring organizing items, especially the closet section and items that manage humidity for storing clothing.

The Container Store Happy Organized Home Sale

Happy Organized Home Sale
Time of Year: August – SeptemberThe Container Store Shelving Sale
Promotion: Various discounts on summer organizing products.

elfa® Shelving Sale
Time of Year: August – October
Promotion: 25% off elfa® Shelving and installation. elfa® Drawers are not included.

As stated above, this is just a general guide for the annual sales at The Container Store. The exact dates and terms are subject to change each year. I suggest you check for the exact dates and promotions each year. I hope this helps you to snag a fabulous deal for your next organizing overhaul.

Happy organizing!